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    that could be with zeref's influence and his empire, not just zeref himself
    And that is probably the case since zeref needed the spriggans to try and defeat acno.

    He said he doesn't know why acno doesn't try to rule the world or the reasons behind his actions these r two separate things, otherwise he wouldn't need the latter part this also means that he doesn't know acno's motives.

    We don't know if its just zeref's power or the combined power of his army and himself for the reasoning behind why acno spoke.
    Or it may not be power as in physical DC,Dura and speed since they never had a physical brawl like igneel vs acno but zeref's hax or his general immortality (or power as in like a status).
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    Yes but again we don't know how big or small this fraction of power that was left behind.

    Zeref himself states he does not understand the reasoning behind acno's actions.

    Yes but speaking does not imply having the power in both scenarios, in the first case he spoke during a fight in the other he spoke without fighting and I don't think it was stated that acno fought zeref before so he doesnt know zeref's capabilities, it may have just been acno thinking zeref was the strongest amongst humans.
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    the power part doesnt matter since we can't confirm, only basis is a few phrases

    But we don't know what his true motives are anyway, we are just basing this on what zeref thinks of acno.
    He already believed that he exterminated all the dragons, and now he lives in solitude, again it depends on his personality, so far he comes of as an arrogant guy just from that quote.
    I mean acno may have just began talking due to it being a long time since he fought a dragon or anyone who even managed to beat him up like igneel did at the start.

    With zeref its different since I don't think he and acno had any past dealings, therefore acno may have just acted on the knowledge he gained from the stories surrounding zeref since they never fought.
    Also zeref even admits that he doesn't know the reasoning behind acno's actions.
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    But logically it would've been smaller, since why would igneel chose to take a small amount of power to fight someone who he knows is stronger that him? But yh like u said its vague

    He could've just started to speak when he realized that this won't be an easy walk in the park like it was during the sirius arc stuff, I mean in the 400 years after the dragons when has anyone we know of challenged acno? This was probably the greatest threat so far for acno
    That's true, but him speaking may not solely be based on power, he seems to have a certain demeanour towards humans, which was probably why he doesn't speak to them freely and also why he lives separately away from humans.
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    that would still apply to that phrase as well "last of the power" sounds like a smaller amount of power was left behind.

    He could've spoken, but didn't look like he had the opportunity since he was getting pummeled by igneel, also did he not fight against igneel in the past?
    I mean this guy clearly wants to kill all the dragons, so it may have just been his killing intent that prevented him from talking from the get-go.
    Also it may not be due to power but acno's personality, he could just be an arrogant individual who dislikes humans, this too is supported by that quote about zeref saying he thinks of humans as insects.
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    aw closed when I was just about to click post...

    Anyway I was going to say:

    What is there to suggest igneel left a greater portion of power to natsu?
    Infact (unless u have more evidence) the use of the word "last" implies it was a smaller fraction
    Logically this would make sense, why would igneel use up less power to fight the strongest char in the series?

    Also the quote refers to humans, acno may have just spoken to igneel on the basis of him being a dragon since he was under the impression that he killed all the dragons and now suddenly 1 pops up. Heck that's what his first line was...
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    Awwwwwwwwww yeah
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    Thanks mang

    Don't forget to comment on the chapter threads with your thoughts
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    You should read my storyverse
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