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  1. Wave made it for me
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    I don't know if u are referring to physical strength or something else
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    kinda getting tired of this so ima end it for now:

    most magic power =/= uniform rise in all stats, as shown with ur example of that lightning dude in raven tail who has lower speed than a dude with less magic power.

    Visuals don't show that power gives a uniform increase in all stats, also refer to above.

    "inferior" is as u said beings who don't pose a threat, zeref has death magic so he clearly poses a threat and even if someone resisted it that doesn't mean acno also has this knowledge, all acno knows is that zeref is a black mage.

    Thats a vs match term, about NLF, we are talking about the story, if acno resisted death magic from zeref then its understandable or if he seen weaker beings resist it when it was unleashed then this is also understandable, but this isnt the case.
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    strength or power?
    Already addressed ur second point.

    Which person resisted it?

    faster than eye
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    so zeref has "near" physical strength and same speed as igneel? I'm guessing zeref would now need more dura than igneel to make it even and therefore meet the threshold? Yh good luck convincing anyone with that...
    I asked for statements, we know increasing in power leads to an increase in base stats and hax, but not to the extent in which it does.
    I'm talking about his death magic which kills living things.
    Vanishing feats just means f.e travel, its a common in fiction like afterimages
    I looked at this chapter again and reviewed my statement.
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    Yh that part is unquantifiable, u reasoning was in a vs match, therefore distance is what determines speed.
    So he is as fast as igneel but not as strong or durable yet he gets acknowledged by acno?
    Where is the statement in the manga that an increase in magic power gives a uniform increase to all stats?
    I think we are done as u said urself, zeref has a 1 hit kill spell and time stop, so in the mind of acno that would be a threat.
    It is an assumption that his speed increased since he did not fight zeref in base before in this arc, visuals don't usually give speed, only thing that increased was his fire (the setting fire to the ground part)
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    "around it" is unquantifiable, u can be 100x slower than someone and still react to them given that u are 100m away from them.
    So you are saying all he gets is speed? You would also need dura and DC to compete in a vs match, should we also give him those stats from igneel?
    You are suggesting as power increases we see a uniform increase in base stats, but this may not be the case, brandish refers to power as well but it was pure hax in her case.
    Also all of this came from acno not speaking to "inferior humans", what defines inferior? Is someone who can 1 hit kill u with a spell inferior? It's just too vague.
    Also for natsu in the recent chapter we don't know if his speed was buffed, but we are assuming it, from visuals it was just his fire hax that increased if anything
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    so you are saying zeref needs at least the speed of igneel to contend? What about dura and DC should we scale that too? What happens if zeref had more dc and dura but less speed, is he considered as powerful? Or if he posses no noteable DC,dura or speed but a 1 hit death spell is he less of threat?
    Its stupid to say he has any of the same stats as any igneel since the only reason acno knew of igneel's stats were from their physical brawl, unlike zeref who I don't believe acno fought.

    Also acno thought zeref too can take over the world, does that imply he is = acno in power by himself? No since he needs the spriggans
    We don't know what acno knows about zeref.

    So is speed the factor that determines power, speed of what zeref or his spells? Last I checked zeref has a time stop
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    that could be with zeref's influence and his empire, not just zeref himself
    And that is probably the case since zeref needed the spriggans to try and defeat acno.

    He said he doesn't know why acno doesn't try to rule the world or the reasons behind his actions these r two separate things, otherwise he wouldn't need the latter part this also means that he doesn't know acno's motives.

    We don't know if its just zeref's power or the combined power of his army and himself for the reasoning behind why acno spoke.
    Or it may not be power as in physical DC,Dura and speed since they never had a physical brawl like igneel vs acno but zeref's hax or his general immortality (or power as in like a status).
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    Yes but again we don't know how big or small this fraction of power that was left behind.

    Zeref himself states he does not understand the reasoning behind acno's actions.

    Yes but speaking does not imply having the power in both scenarios, in the first case he spoke during a fight in the other he spoke without fighting and I don't think it was stated that acno fought zeref before so he doesnt know zeref's capabilities, it may have just been acno thinking zeref was the strongest amongst humans.
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