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    yes, i ' used to' read it in Arabic, that was tons of years ago, now i don't, English is more distributive anyways.. (and im not typically an Arab anyways)
    so its probably only 'Shebokai' that's printed in my mind from back then, but np, ill write it the right way if u think its too much..and generally tbh its a pain in the ass to be so formal in chatting, so i may use abbreviations a lot. i apologize before hand for that...
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    dai, can i trouble u asking how to add someone to ur ignore list ?
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    Your accomplishments, in other words, are a testament to your intelligence. Doesn't mean you are better than someone else, but you are not dumb. That's the whole point. Although in this case, I was just throwing a bone at Rax, which instead got chewed by others.

    As for the second part, my field of study is control engineering, with robotics(and prosthetics) being more of a specialisation which comes on stronger the closer I am to the end of my studies.
    And while that alone doesn't say much(although it does have it's weight), I have plenty of other reasons and accomplishments to consider myself intelligent, along with what you mentioned about yourself.
    Still, we weren't even discussing anything. What I saw was 3 persons throwing around random gibberish, of course I'll make fun of that.

    The difference between the two of us is the fact that you seem calm, while I'm a temperamental person. I'll gladly take the bait, even though I know it's bait, and go with the flow. Makes thing more interesting.
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    dai, i read OP manga in English but the anime in another language, and in that language, its written in a way to be pronounced 'Shebokai'... that's all is to it... definitely not in purpose, i know im writing it the wrong way all along tho but people don't make a fuss over it...
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    You will be the father of your son.
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    hello handsome
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    who is this cutie
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    Sorry I didn't get back to you.

    Ultimate Thor only regained his mystical powers in Secret Wars.
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    wow is that a system exclusively known by students only and your prof is not aware of? if so, that is pretty fucking cool system to have. would have wished to have that during my time in school.

    i started getting more interested after doing my pharmacology course in 3rd year. thankfully, the profession is so diverse and there are a lot of opportunities to move up. i can do a lot of research work if i pursue my PhD. and really? i'm glad i'm not the only one who feels that way. you go into nursing for the love of helping people but the politics behind the job can take a huge toll on you, which is why i'm looking to move up so i'm not so involved in the political aspects of it.
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    DAMN son. a few days before? that's quite the talent my friend. well, i don't think there's a humanly possible way to make that type of content enjoyable and interactive anyways.

    good for you. the brain and spinal cord are pretty unforgiving even with good surgical technique. there's going to be a lot of emotional burden too but it sounds like you're dead set on being one so all the best to you. bonne chance~
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