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    Where did you get the Acno pic in your avatar?
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    Haven't read the chapter yet
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    The OBD is falling apart tbh. Plus, OBD holds a lot of Naruto and OP fans, which can lead to bias.
    Whitebeard's durability should be arlight, but he shouldn't be far above akainu.
    There was one digit gigaton calc for Fujitora's rubble lifting iirc, so the admirals should be low island level, with the yonkous being more solidly into the island level range.
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    ikr lmao.

    Whitebeard is badass though, so don't insult him

    But yeah, honestly the fact that large country whitebeard is an outlier should've been mentioned a long time ago.
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    Not sure, I rarely if ever save threads. Maybe giantbiceps know.
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    Would you like to play my mafio game man? I'm looking for two more players. 8/10 so far.
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    Yeah, persuading everyone will be hard

    It's not that I'm against OP even, I'm just for accuracy. The chinjao calc and WB calc are wanked/wrong. The large island level whitebeard is more consistent story wise and calc wise.
    I do believe that the admirals are most likely higher than small island, probably in the island range. Small Island is probably for top tiers such as 1st mates and G4 luffy.

    But srsly, what's with OP calcs and assumptions? The biggest assumption calc in FT is Etherion, and it assumes less than the chinjao calc
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    I mean, Whitebeard has the Quake Fruit, so it would make sense to assume that his "earthquakes" act like natural ones. The difference is though, he isn't causing an exact same "natural earthquake" since that would also mean that the continental plates are shifting(which is how NF got such a high number).
    Honestly, I think someone should make a thread tackling this problem The OP tards won't make it easy though
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    Hey efege, look what I found:

    Despite it being in vsbattles it was accepted by DontTalk, who is a really good calcer there.
    And this calc makes far more sense, given it calculates the energy of the shockwave of Whitebeard's attacks, and not the energy of a natural earthquake.
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