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    wanna jump on mh and oj and get some fresh recruits together

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    Guess it would be nice to get some good members, but I don't really browse other forums. If you think there's someone who'd be a nice addition, give them a nudge.
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    Heard they had a ToG section that's not very active, think they have any potential members for us?
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    You got an account on Orojackson?
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    no, it's from suikoden tierkreis, a ds rpg spin off of the suikoden series.
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    Whops, forgot about this.

    Dia, huh? Why?

    Yeah, the series definitely stands out. I'm not really big on anime, so I'll take your word for it.

    That was a shame, he was a cool character. The ice though, really chuckled when it started comforting Cairngorm (or whoever it was).
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    Yeah, I don't like dragging things out, especially if I find them interesting.

    The questions you prepared are quite hard for me to answer because of what I said already, the story is somehow soulless and doesn't really force any attachments. Even the fact that the MC goes through constant appearance and personality changes reinforces that idea, it's more of a plot driven story, rather than a character driven one. Maybe it's just me, but it gives off a different vibe that other series and that's what makes it so intriguing to me. Anyway, I'll give it a shot.

    Favorite character?
    Phos, I suppose? It's a very cliche answer, but the other characters don't really go in depth, or they are still mysteries. Phos had a lot of development, and we're constantly reminded of his motives and inner struggles. His end goal is to help his family, but he's not exactly the usual pure MC that won't resort to deception to achieve it. More of a gray character than the usual MC, I suppose.

    Favorite moment?
    This is even harder.
    It might actually be when Phos decided to betray everyone in order to reach his goal. Even if it's meant to help everyone involved, it's still a very drastic move with many serious consequences.
    There's actually another one that stuck to me for some reason, when the little slug tried pulling off his shell for the "king", even if it mean hurting/killing itself. I suppose I'm a sucker for loyalty.

    Gems of the moon or gems of the Island?
    Gems of the island, as the gems of the moon can hardly be called characters. There's Aechmea who's developed but still a mystery, Cicada is a gentle giant/war demon, and the others are pretty much just the prince's yes-men. At least some of the more prominent island gems have had their share of screentime and development, even if it was sometimes quite...regular.

    Adamant or Aechmea?
    Right now Adamant seems to be quite selfish by not praying and just getting done with it, but going by his character I'm certain there's a reason why he can't pray any more. Maybe the remaining moon people are too rotten and no amount of prayer will help?
    Either way, Aechmea has taken severe actions to force Adamant into prayers, and the wedding stinks quite badly, so I suppose Adamant will come out looking better no matter what direction this takes.

    How about yourself, what do you have to say about the series and the characters?
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    Alright, I caught up.

    I wonder where this is going. I expect the wedding to have a different meaning and that they'll all be screwed when it happens, at least it seems like that.
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    I read 55 chapters. The art is kind weird, but I got used to it after a while.

    I'm having mixed feelings. If I had to describe it with a single word, I think I'd go for trippy. I think the author did a great job at conveying the fact that they are immortals and work on completely different principals, which is why their reactions are often not what you'd expect, thus coming off trippy, or as if things took random routes out of the blue. The MC is now on the moon and has talked with the prince for 2 chapters, finally finding out that sensei is actually a prayer machine.

    Overall, if I read 55 chapters in a single sitting, that should be quite telling. It's definitely different from most manga, but I can't say it's not intriguing. The fact that there are next to no attachments and that the MC keeps changing makes it feel kind of soulless, but I think that was the point anyway. Gonna read the rest and we can talk about it.
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