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    Interesting that Doom Patrol is a toss up with X Men. The only time I heard of the Doom Patrol was via the Teen Titans tv show via Beast Boy.

    What is wonder woman lately?? Why is she bad?

    What is wrong with DarkSeid? So if the DCCU centered around Darkseid like MCU for Thanos. It would be a bad move?
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    What is the background of the Ancient one?

    And this statement, "I think changing the Ancient One into a white lady is more absurd than racist. A white guy going to Tibet to learn mysticism from a white lady just strikes me as moronic."

    I am kinda hype for the Dr. Strange even though the Captain America, X- Men, BvS are all bigger.

    I was hyping for Deadpool, but the trailers turn me off. Though, I would want to read more about Deadpool. I knew about the story where he killed everyone.
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    lol you posted on your wall.
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    lol you posted on your wall
  5. A long time ago I could have answered your question easily, but I've read comics for so long characters become distinct even if they're blatant rip offs or just inspirations. This especially gets hard when you realize that some characters might have more than one counterpart or inspiration in another company.

    Namor (Marvel) and Aquaman (DC) If you look close enough you'll see Black Adam was inspired by Namor as well. IMPERIUS REX!

    Green Arrow (DC) and Hawkeye (Marvel) Another obvious coupling. I've enjoyed Hawkeye over the years, especially under Fraction's pen. I'm a little biased as I've never enjoyed Ollie except for a couple arcs where I've consistently enjoyed Clint. In the end I will say Green Arrow. Fun fact, GA is actually a rip off of Batman when he was first created for More Fun Comics back in '41

    Black Cat (Marvel) and Catwoman (DC) Catwoman hands down is the better thief/love interest to the hero story. Truly, the only thing "better" about Black Cat is her bust size and her white hair

    Black Canary (DC) and Black Widow I (Marvel) Canary has been increasingly used as a skilled secret agent. But the woman from the Red Room edges her out

    Black Canary (DC) and Mockingbird (Marvel) Mockingbird got the Canary revamp post-Secret Invasion, but Canary does it better

    Doom Patrol (DC) and X-Men (Marvel) Toss up. I personally prefer the Doom Patrol as they do the "young freaks" angle better in my eyes, but X-Men has definitely had a much broader scope to work with

    Green Lantern Corps. (DC) and Nova Corps. (Marvel) Green Lanterns

    Scarlet Witch (Marvel) and Zatanna (DC) Controversial as many will say Zatanna. I always have felt the Scarlet Witch is the more interesting character

    Iron Man (Marvel) and Steel (DC) Iron Man

    Iron Man (Marvel) and Batman (DC) Hard call, but I favor Iron Man in the rich smart guy department

    Batman (DC) and Moon Knight (Marvel) Batman

    Batman (DC) and Black Panther (Marvel) A sparkling intellect of great skill, a marred past, trust issues, and gadgetry vs a sparkling intellect of great skill, a marred past, trust issues, and gadgetry? Well... Only one is king

    Superman (DC) and Hyperion (Marvel) Superman. Hyperion was literally built as a rip off of Superman

    Superman (DC) and Blue Marvel (Marvel) Superman. Blue Marvel's entire idea was to be a black hero in a non-black friendly time. Superman has been so much more

    Superman (DC) and Sentry (Marvel) Superman. The Sentry had some real potential to be a great character exploration, but he would have never reached Superman. That and he got Bendis'd

    Superman (DC) and Captain Marvel I (Marvel) Ummm.... Hmmmm... Superman. This was the hardest one so far

    Superman (DC) and Thor (Marvel) Superman

    Deathstroke (DC) and Deadpool (Marvel) Deadpool

    Bullseye (Marvel) and Deadshot (DC) Bullseye

    Bumblebee (DC) and Wasp (Marvel) Wasp

    She-Hulk (Marvel) and Wonder Woman (DC) She-Hulk when written by Slott

    Valkyrie (Marvel) and Wonder Woman (DC) Ugh... Wonder Woman?

    Thundra (Marvel) and Wonder Woman (DC) Oddly enough Thundra is the most Wonder Woman like. I've always enjoyed her bend, so Thundra. Especially with how WW has been lately

    Hippolyta (Marvel) and Wonder Woman (DC) Hippolyta in DC has functioned AS Wonder Woman twice. That said, Wonder Woman in any case

    Vision (Marvel) and Red Tornado (DC) The Vision

    Doctor Strange (Marvel) and Doctor Fate (DC) Doctor Strange

    Dr. Polaris (DC) and Magneto (Marvel) Mags

    Jason Todd (DC) and Bucky Barnes (Marvel) Barnes. Under Brubaker, the Winter Soldier was just spectacular. Both were sidekicks who were killed and brought back as crazed killers. But that Kung Fu grip action.

    Hulk (Marvel) and Solomon Grundy (DC) Similar characters with different motifs. I'd say Hulk

    Thanos (Marvel) and Darkseid (DC) Thanos is Darkseid written correctly

    Wolverine (Marvel) and Timber Wolf (DC) Ugh... I can't believe I'm going to say this. Wolverine is the better character.

    And many more.
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    You know how DC and Marvel have similar characters, can you named some notable ones and in your opinion which company done the characters better.
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    oh cool, so that firestar is the same one on teen titan.
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    Thanks. But don't miss any chance to tell me if something doesn't go the right way
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    Oh I don't really need anything, since I already have it in my sig.
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    You said it again! "wasn't as bad as"!

    jk, I got your point.

    Well, nothing in particular. Just, if you can think of something about me that annoys you, I'd love you to tell me, whenever you feel like it., publicly or privately. That would be a great favor.
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