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    thing could've lived if it was faster, but it was too slow when chasing after its kin so I ran it over
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    tragedy strikes local raccoons as Void mercilessly runs over a member of their family
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    yeah, just because someone does better on a test, or in school, doesn't prove that they are more intelligent than their peers.

    nothing pisses me off more than people who fancy themselves intellectually superior because of grades. My high school was the best in the country at the time I attended it, and the environment was competitive to say the least. I developed a hatred for working with others as many times my ideas, suggestions, or correct answers were ignored because my grades were middle of the pack and not on top. I was lazy and never studied. Not a day in my life. I just retain information like a sponge and with that alone I could make honour roll, so I never bothered to try and excel. I was content with being a B+ student. But other girls who's averages were 97 or higher always assumed I would defer to their "superior" intellect and when that didn't happen it would lead to fall outs, and me just working on my own. I remember two specific incidents where someone was terribly wrong and lambasted me for opposing them because they thought they were right and had the grades to back it up. Both times I was right. XDDDDDDDDD And I'm glad they suffered for it. Many times I just left the group and did something on my own, and the teachers, thankfully accepted it. Though on the behaviour section of my report card, I always got low points for "ability to work well with others"
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    that's really too bad all that turn around and suffering for nothing.
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    I've tried just individuals before and they didn't get them i'll try it this time again to be sure
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    It's hard to enjoy something as simple as that when you've read almost two thousand different series. You could say my expectations for the series tend to be higher than that of an average person.

    Okay, will do it. Also, I heard of a comic where Joker stole the power of some strong entity (can't recall his name) and used said power to mess with Batman. Do you know the name of this comic?

    It sounds complication. To a newbie like me, it's going to be hard to define what's canon and non-canon. Well, not that it matters. I just want to enjoy comics for now.

    I'll start reading Sentry after catching up with Tower of God, and Batman after that. Though it'll take me some time, I might not be online for a while starting from wednesday.
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    Just so you know, it's not like I'm interested only in the series where good guys have to beat the bad guys. I wouldn't mind reading comics where characters live their own live in human's society despite being a powerful entity, like Superman for example.

    He sounds like an interesting character, that's for sure. Alright, I'll do as you said, sir.

    I know nothing about Batgod. Rave has been talking about him recently, however there's no point in checking out that without reading the original series first. I only got a basic knowledge of Batman from games, movies and TV series.

    By the way, is there something like "main series" or "canon and non-canon" in comics? From what I heard, there can be several different versions of each comic drawn by different authors, and the story in said comics might not be the same.
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    See, stalking ain't that bad.

    I know it won't really answer your question, but any comic is fine. My friend told me to read comics with a character called Sentry, apparently it's pretty good. What do you think? I might actually check out some Batman comics as well, haven't read any yet.
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