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    I signed you up as a hydra with me in this game:

    Let me know if you wanna play or not
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    not to stay
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    Just message me if i'm still online
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    yeah sure, how long will you stay around?

    I an toss it to you in an hour or so
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    Uh, my ditto has 6 IVs across the board so it helps with breeding perfect pokemon

    If you want to do it on your own find someone with a friend safari and catch dittos with different spreads. Pair the mon you want to breed with one of the dittos until it inherits the dittos ivs, then pair the offspring with a ditto with a different ivs spread until you get a child with the parent's and the ditto's IVs and so on until you reach perfect ivs

    Its much more of a hassle than just using a perfect ditto
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    Well, okay

    Just tell me if you want to borrow the ditto to experiment and stuff
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    It may seem overwhelming at first but it'll become second nature for you eventually, trust me.
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    So like you'd put say charmander with x/x/x/x/x/x along with a ditto with 31/31/31/31/31/31 and hatch eggs until you find a charmander with 1 or more perfect IVs and then replace it with the previous charmander, until you get an offspring with more perfect IVs than the previous charmander. You'd continue that way until you recieve a pokemon with 5 perfect IVs where it counts. Like tyranitar wouldn't mind missing on speed if its going bulky/mixed attacking or it wouldn't mind missing on special attack if its going dragon dance or bulky, get what I mean?

    And I forgot to mention abilities. There are mainly two types of abilities, natural and hidden. Hidden abilities
    can only be passed down by a parent who knows the ability and even then there is still a chance of inheriting normal abilities. There is no real way to influence the ability recieved but the ability tends to follow the mother's more, iirc.

    Also, ditto always a
    cts as the opposite sex, that's good to keep in mind. That's everything put simply.

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    Nah, that's what it was like in the previous. Moves can be passed down by the mother too now,

    Well anyway, I'll try to explain things and make it simple.

    First when a pokemon is generated it usually has a number of randomized hidden values called IV's (Individual values) and a randomized stat modifier called a nature, these are randomized either when a pokemon is encountered or an egg is generated.

    ch pokemon has a total of 6IVs for each of its stats, HP/Attack/Defense/S.Attack/S.Defense/Speed (They're usually refered to in that order btw, so knowing them in that order is helpful). IVs determine how the pokemon's stats grow. Basically, the higher the value, the better the pokemon's stats. IVs can assume any value from 0-31. So a pokemon with 31/31/31/31/31/31 IVs will have the highest stats possible for its species while a pokemon with 0/0/0/0/0/0 will have the lowest.

    The se
    cond randomized variable is natures, which is something I've already mentioned earlier. A nature increase a stat by 10% while decreasing another by 10% so they're crucial when deciding on a pokemon's role. I'll use an example in a popular nature in Timid, it increases speed by 10% while decreasing attack by 10% making it popular among special attacking pokemon.

    While both variables are usually randomized the developers were kind enough to give us methods of
    controlling them. When breeding a pokemon naturally a pokemon will inherit 3 IVs from its parents by random. The game will randomly select 3 out of 12 values when generating an egg, while picking 1 out of 25 possible natures. However, since the introduction of generation 6 a new item became available refered to as the destiny knot. When equiped to one of the parents the generated egg will inherit 5 instead of the natural 3 IVs. There is also an item called the everstone, when equipped to a parent it has a 100% chance of passing down its nature, making it easier to get desired natures.

    To get the desired IVs you will usually have to go through several
    chains but a lot of people use RNG'd (exploited) dittos with straight 31s (I can lend you mine for learning purposes, if you want) to cut the chase.

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