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    thhey do? how do they do it? ;-;
    explain what D:
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    why the birds and the bees? i dont wanna imagine them... D: omg D: that's not cute

    why ew .____. i just wnted to tell you how bees make flowers ;-;
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    what ._.
    the bees and the flowers?
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    what? ._.
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    Very true, but I'm worried that TMF might become - is this crazy? - nice and... Friendly

    I would like to joke about the teacher with you, but that opening grammar error you made just makes me think of that scene from Borat where he learns about 'not' jokes "You are not 18"

    Yeah, I mean it's not that different but you can talk about much different topics when your parents aren't around and you can be a bit more... Relaxed, I guess. But damn, law school, I know some people who have attended that and I'm surprised you even saw your sister once a week.

    10 novels against 1 billion comics, Mak Try yoga. That's typical mid-life crisis male activity, right?

    And yeah, I thought so. What's she looking to teach? This one's a keeper, Mak - schoolgirl and teacher fantasy rolled into one
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    This one shows off the 6 characters pretty well. Atrocitus actually has Dex-Starr with him.
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    Yeah, I'm not sure how they're going to play his death though... that should have come much later down the line.

    Dr. Fate and Captain Cold haven't been outright confirmed or revealed, but they've been heavily hinted at. They showed a list of character icons and on it was the Helmet of Fate and the Cold Gun. Also a brief shot of the Cold Gun in the trailer.

    Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Supergirl, Atrocitus, and Gorilla Grodd are the only ones who have gameplay of them up so far. Grodd looks pretty powerful with long range psychic grapples that can make opponents hit themselves, and Atrocitus brings out the Butcher as his ultimate. I'm not great at these MK like fighting games, but I'm a sucker for the fanservice when they slap a brand I enjoy on the name.
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    is it too late to say sooooooorrryyyy, mak
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    What was that something though? We may never know.

    And yeah, I think I was maybe being a bit too harsh on it, perhaps partly due to the stress of finding out how close it was and how unprepared I still was. I'm glad I went though, it was definitely a good night and a good way to officially end my high school experience. (also I got flirted with my hot English teacher sooooo ) I dunno, depends on what you class as 'often'. I see her roughly once every couple weeks, which I would say was pretty often, but since I still live at home, I never really get to see her without my parents also being there. I have no issues with my parents being there, of course, but sometimes it's just nice to spend time with her rather than the whole family, you know?

    You need to mix things up a little, Mak. Drop the comics and pick up a classic novel instead And I believe in you, Mak. Who knows? With practice, you could one-up Void and make video edits instead. Whore yourself out to the forum and you'll be rolling in rep. And what's the college of education, sorry?
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