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    Skrulls are cool and if they're anything like I remember from the Avenger's cartoon, Earth's Mightiest Heroes, then I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy this movie. Though, admittedly, their shapeshifting power kinda messes with me sometimes. Excited to see the Super Skrull...hopefully.
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    Yeah in a space saga about celibate space samurai I just never thought orientation or romantic inclinations should matter so much. Then again Han was pretty much the rogue "ladies man" that was around to be cool for a male audience.

    That's true, it definitely had a lot of religious undertones with Christianity and Buddhism being the two major ones you can see built up a lot of the spiritual elements in the universe building Lucas did. I didn't know the Vietnam War played a part actually, I'd be interested in looking into that but I don't doubt that it did have it's part.

    Yeah I think everyone tries to forget that happened. I just want more dark star wars from Disney but I feel like they won't do that even if a good amount of fans would like spin off dark star wars stories while the main trilogies continue to be lighter.
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    I mean it kinda does, why did I need to know he was bi? Why did Disney want to give him a sexual orientation and promote it. It just doesn't make sense. I feel like they are putting too much of our own society and culture into star wars when it use to be about something fantastical and unknown it pushed culture. Solo might of just been a one time crap shoot but that movie was terrible. And Rogue One and Solo both moved away from the sith and jedi, besides what? One Darth Vader scene at the end (Was really epic tbf) and a quick glimpse of maul in Solo?

    I just see Disney using Star Wars as a brand of movies instead of a story that was unique and felt like the story interweaves between the trilogies. Now Disney haven't finished their first trilogy. But unless the 3rd movie drastically changes from the first two It's lacking something the Lucas trilogies had. For example this fan edit shows that type of star wars.

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    I don't understand why TOR is still a thing but Disney won't allow any of The Old Republic era into the canon. It was easily the best part of lore in the EU. It's what I wanted in star wars, mass battles between jedi and sith. Now I doubt I'm ever going to see that in the Disney universe. Even if Disney just allowed Bioware to do a netflix anime with the CGI they use I'd be happy.

    I also don't like the PC pushing agenda when it isn't really needed. I didn't need to know Lando was Bi, that was irrelevant. I want a good hero story in space that had sick lightsaber battles. They even want to move away from the jedi and sith, which is what makes star wars. Might as well be any other generic sci fi series without them.
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    Huge star wars fan, prior to Disney. I spent a lot of my time learning the expanded universe and enjoying all the people that made the star wars universe outside of the movies amazing. I even enjoyed the prequel movies minus the first one. I just hated that Disney came in and told all the fans that all the star wars they grew up with and loved was no longer canon, that the huge expanded universe that everyone worked in was too much for Disney to handle when they wanted to make their movies.

    Now with that being said Rogue One was amazing. The trilogy is ok but I feel like they could of done a lot more. I wouldn't say I was a fan, I'm just not enthusiastic about what has been going on recently.
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    They are the best things that Disney has made with the brand tbh, but that really isn't saying much sadly.
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    Yeah sitting through the movie was rough and it still had a lot missing.

    I think my favorite more recent Conan comic was Conan x Wonder Woman. The art was amazing and the crossover actual made some sense.

    The Star Wars comics have been surprisingly good these past few years also. I miss the KotoR comics, but Dr. Aphra and Darth Vader have been great reads.
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    never forget

    talking about effort, mine about Pops would've been better if I had the PC up
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    That's true ton of good comics out there, I just finished Birthright recently.

    Did you enjoy any of the Conan comics? Either Marvel era or Darkhorse?

    I really enjoyed Marvels take on Stephen Kings Dark Tower series.

    I really hope they do the next adaption of Watchmen justice too since that was one of the best series I've read.
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    Spawn is up there, but I think Bone might be my favorite.

    What would you say your GOAT comic would be? And if it's a Marvel/DC would you have a 2nd GOAT out of Darkhorse, Image, ect?
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