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    it's not frequent to meet one more interested in spears than in swords tbh. What made you such a gentleman?

    the one i bought for larp is probably worse than those
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    lol yeah

    actually, what i call "training spears" are sticks with a bubbly, soft end. Some groups even use old tennis balls for the tips, but we haven't fallen that low yet

    although if it were for me, i'd keep all kind of spears in my room, and i'd sleep with a different one each night. Man i love spears.
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    problem comes from being a reenactment of ancient rome. You see, differently from almost any other army of the ancient world, romans weren't used to own peculiar weapons or personalized equipment. Aside minor elements (like for example, a parade helmet or a ceremonial dagger), the main equipment was as standardized as it gets. So while i own personalized elements for my reenactment performances, i don't have my own, recognizable spear and it'd have no sense to make myself one, not even for training, because that kind of stuff is meant to break sooner rather than later

    the larp scene is a whole different beast, since the setting is dictated by your own larp group, and you can be and wear anything as long as it's consistent with your group's theme. That's why i'm going to make myself a spear for larp, ideally two, since even in larp stuff tends to break. The drawback is, larp is very strict with safety control because a lot of noobs and tabletop nerds join the fray, so weapons must be made of particular plastics and the pointy tip must be soft for 15mm, which means without a rigid skeleton inside. All these nuisances took a while to get used to - i've been doing larp for less than an year - and they honestly don't make sparring as fun as our usual training equipment, but these are the rules to join these kinds of stages, and in a way it's kind of worth it.
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    that cat made it so lewd, mak

    depends on what you mean, i do own a larp spear but it doesn't fit me much, it was just to get something quickly to fight. I'm about to make one from zero before the next event though.

    i use real spears and training spears often but none that are actually mine, they officially belong to the reenactment group although they're essentially mine in everything but in name.
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    oh wait... i found one more

    how hurtful am i on that scale?
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    it seems to be
    don't think there is anything worse
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    a failure again...

    so all in all...

    i am a failure...

    thank you for judging u_u
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    so a very bad person?

    but you are working for a longer time already

    and you didnt judge the last one

    how much of a negative person am i on the scale?
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    success? i am 26 and i just started working 4 months ago....
    you have to explain reptile .__.

    how much of a bother am i on that scale?
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    i am not

    and education isnt everything

    and still bad ._.

    how much of a bad person am i on that scale?
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