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    To be honest with you I have no desire to be a teacher, haha. But this job had other perqs that came with it and I enjoy the students, so it isn't a bad way to spend some time. That said.....I'm not sure. I have so many interest from film and writing to studying governments and societies. At this point, it's a toss up but I need to get in gear quickly, haha. Time is running out.

    Yeah, it's really easy for people to make cheap horror flicks with jump scares and just throwing gore at the screen with no ryhme or reason. That said, if you'd like to try something more psychological I can probably suggest one or two. You say zero percent disgusting but by that do you mean no spilling guts but some knife stabs are OK or no blood spilled whatsoever?

    Ah yes. Hobbes, Nietzsche, and Plato are all classic giants. Philosophy in general is something that I really enjoyed back in University but alas, there's only so much money and time I can spend on classes unrelated to a major. Would you say that you've learned quite a bit from your reading and that it's shaped your perception of things? And history is pretty sweet, too. I've always only focused on more recent history (last few hundred years) and very rarely went back to more than 500 or so years. That is until we reach the Paleozoic Era because I devoured any book about dinosaurs for years back when I was a kid and still read up on new discoveries every now and again. Heck, paleontology is fascinating (and so is geology, for that matter). Now you can see why I have issues with narrowing things down....
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    You know, I really enjoy my students so it makes it all worth it. It's a busy job but if I can actually add some value to their education for the time being, then I'm happy with that. I'll only be doing it for a little while longer though. Afterwards is a mystery.

    I'm mostly a horror type of guy. I just really enjoy a good horror flick (psych thrillers too). There's just something about being able to explore that side of humanity---whether it's a person committing an evil act or a person faced with evil---that helps to unveil parts of who and what we are in a way that other films very rarely touch. Or having a film that is really well crafted and creates an oppressive terror in you. Good stuff. I've too many favorites to name an absolute, but things like.....well, The Thing and The Fly are wonderful horror films of the body horror genre.

    Books are about the same. Horror, mystery and psychs with Out by Natsuo Kirino and All She Was Worth by Miyuki Miyabe being some of my favorites. I have been meaning to get into more philosophical and cultural works as well as history type stuff myself, though. There's really so much to learn out there. What are some of your favorites that you've read?
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    what do you do in life? do you have any interest? other media you're fond of aside one piece?

    That long, huh? I'm starting to lose track of how long I've even been on here. That said, I appreciate the line! I teach English at Elementary schools and a Jr. High School and I do have a few interest. Mainly things like reading, films, writing, traveling and stuff like that. Definitely love film though as far as media goes. Still quite the fan of having an old fashioned physical collection of DVDs and the like. Also an interest in several scientific disciplines as a whole but nothing more than past self study and some classes I took. To be frank, I've too many interests and not enough time....or at least, not enough willpower to pursue them all, haha.

    How about yourself?
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    T-thirst for what?

    I asked you to hit the bar, means you gotta get here.
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    You had dirty thoughts that I cannot even fathom, of course I got discouraged.
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    how was the episode trollid?
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    yeah, that chat is 50 shades of fucked up
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    would you prefer whatsapp?
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    why im not using it? Well you see messages here faster, also it's asking me to back up my messages on google drive now, i don't think i won't any of those backed up, but it's the former reason mainly.
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    same, and I'm actually pretty happy rn
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