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    Well, the sword is only the prince of weapons. But the king is the spear.

    Really, it's more the versatility and construction of the spear. A weapon that reaches back to our earliest weapons until the invention of repeating firearms made them more or less obsolete. A design that stood the test of time and one of the hardest for weapon artists to master.

    The sword is cool and all, but the Spear is truly the master class.

    Yeah, a real one.
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    Also, why not just make one anyway?
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    Of all "ancient weapons," spears and bows hold the most interest for me. Maybe followed by axes.

    So your spears look like the Dark World moblin guards from A Link to the Past?
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    But what if the Persians decide to invade you?

    Won't you wish you had a dory?

    Makes sense, though. I know some of the re-enactment people around where I am make and own "weapon ready" spears they don't use for re-enactments. I was wondering if you did the same. But it would make sense since it's not like you can use a real spear for anything since you're not a spear hunter, and it's not like a archer/bowyer where the same weapon you build can be used for practice and fun.
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    I was curious since I knew you do re-enactments and some re-enactment actors tend to make and own some of their own weapons (goes with the interest I guess).

    Since you've trained with a spear I was wondering if you owned one.

    Gonna make one? What wood are you looking to use?
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    So I've always been curious. Do you own your own spear?
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    You have good taste.

    Also it's Margatroid, Alice Margatroid, easy to remember imo.

    Mine would be

    Yuuka Kazami
    Alice Margatroid
    Patchouli Knowledge
    Sakuya Izayoi

    But I like all of them tbh.
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    I see.

    It's fking great btw
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    Aizawa seems fine lol.

    You like my hero academia?
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    I need to get back into Touhou tbh, it's a series for the cultured men.

    Top 5 Touhou waifus?
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