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  1. Next one is deeper. In the black rose i consider two duels (besides the main one) to be extremely powerful in context. Shiori has a inferiority complex, that is the thing i agree with the analysis you showed but she is... Pure evil. How can you love someone if you dont love yourself? Juri is basically everything to be the perfect prince if you havent noticed, mature, the morals (talking about a noble heart, etc) the discipline, except that she doesnt feel worthy either, deep deep down she feels that what she feels for Shiori is bad (not getting out of the closet) and that is what wont make her continue or go foward, notice how many times she says "miracles doesnt exist" because even tho she knows her worth she thinks her feelings are wrong, it consumes her, is destroying her, every day, all days, a pure feeling is bad. Remember Juri represents love, idk if u remember the window with what each duelist meant, this is just extremely too... Powerful. How can love be bad? How can it hurt so badly? She could move over because well Juri is "perfect" has the grace, the looks, the social status, people admire her but she is so unhappy. Another thing about Juri is that if you remember her duel, she lost by a miracle, she was winning, she was controlling the scenario but that sword comming from the sky , representing a miracle is a way of telling her that even the smallest of probabilities can happen, this is no the end of this btw, better stuff comes later from this two girls.

    the real question here is... The analysis said something very important but no one had payed attention to it.
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    chillin like a villain
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    Please, forgive-me my Ingês!
  4. Ah crispy you just made me want to rewatch the most powerful duel from the black rose saga.
  5. I need to rewatch, maybe I am missing some stuff, but Juri's episodes all of then are pretty powerful and gives you an impact that... Cant be described by words since they dont make them justice. You havent seen the best yet.
  6. Btw when i get home I will link you to a better tumblr, people interpret the episodes in different ways (just the way i think the opposites are for kozue/miki and not for juri/shiori)
  7. Bitches , For me Kozue is just a slut that wants to make her equal into a dirty shitbag like her "when everything around is dirty you have no option but to dirty yourself" Miki from the whole Rose Duelists is the most "innocent as he isnt affected easily by the world, ironically this makes him pretty immature. Kozue can see the world as it is but she isnt matture either, equals but different at the same time, twins but not the same sex even tho they are almost identically except for the color of the hair, kozue is darker and miki is sky blue representing the innocence and that he is light (how smart he is) but also like you know, a little kid, a bird that hasnt hatched the egg kozue's dark hair is not only the night but the deep ocean that seduces you, has secret intentions and is dangerous as fuck.
  8. I disagree in some of this but good analysis, the thing I love in this show is how complex the human being can be. Juri for me is GOAT, Shiori is GOAT as a villain. Hope you didnt read the episode 29 one.
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    you sure?
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