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    There isn't that much
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    Take a rest, Crisper
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    Bold is for text in between speech lines

    I wasn't aware you were reading it
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    You're just proving my point further. Until a breaking force occurs, yes. That's the point. It will occur at some point no matter what. Hell, Riboku realised Qin was at that point a while ago. Why not join them and get it over with? Just imagine how fast they'd roll over everyone else if they joined hands.

    The current state of affairs is that there's wars breaking out one after another. People are dying and for no reason at all. Of course this will be a bloodshed because he now has to fight every state except Qi. If Zhao joined them, the smaller ones would probably surrender because they'd have no chance at all to fight back, especially Wei. All the points you said would have to be proven have been explained by Sei. Perhaps if Riboku took a seat and had a chat with him like Ryofui and Ouken, he'd realise that as well. But even I can come up with a short answer for the post-unification issues. This is under the premise that Zhao joined Qin and 3 states (Qi) aimed for then unification. Given that 2 of them are superstates, you could say you've got half the "power" aiming for unification.

    A. Peaceful: It's no where near peaceful right now and civil wars that would maybe break out would be nowhere near what's going on right now. After all, you've got 3 states to keep everything in check. Maybe another state would be willing to cooperate as well. Maybe all of them?

    B. Manageable: The difference in size between Han and Chu is bigger than the difference between Chu and all of China, yet Chu is managed just fine. That's not even an issue. It's just an extra patch of land, the principle is the same.

    C. Standing up after the crippling war: First of all, with 3 states going for the unification, the war won't be nearly as bad. For a start, Wei and Yan are completely cut off and their surrender would likely be achieved momentarily. I have a feeling Riboku and GHM are on good terms, he might even aid the unification. Han may or may not fight, but they're honestly negligible. As for standing up. Standing up to who? The tribes? If they are able to stand up to them now, when they're dying all over their inner borders, they sure as hell will as a massive superstate.

    D. Solid throughout the years: Like I said, Sei has the answer, equality under law. The current state is horrible and by no means a good answer to anything. It's a society with massive 1%<->99% disparity and it's riddles with death, diseases and whatnot. Ending internal strife would without a doubt enable growth, while you can have the soldiers work elsewhere - i.e. borders.
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    It's not baseless. They weren't looking for balance or anything even remotely related to it, they wanted Qin gone completely. Don't know why you're trying to force that perspective when pretty much every state is waging conquering wars. Like, how does that even work? We're looking to keep the current balance, but we'll attack whenever we see someone slip? That's nonsense.

    Even if they were in fact trying to keep the balance, there's so many wars going on everywhere that the current Qin invasion is barely increasing the body count. They are called the warring states for a reason. There's bloodshed everywhere, so why not channel it into a bloodshed that has a meaning. Sorry, but Sei's vision cannot be disputed as the absolute best path.
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    I mean, sure, but it's not an issue of "will" the unification happen, it's "when" will the unification happen. That is precisely because no state is fine with what they have and they want to grow bigger, one way or another. Because of that, further efforts are being made constantly in order to grab even an extra city. You can't deny that, there is no king in the story that even had an inner monologue like "yeah, we're fine like this". That is why it is impossible (as seen by 400 years of warfare) to avoid bloodshed. Either everyone will just agree to their borders (they won't) or china will get united. Once again, that is precisely why he should've joined hands with SHK.

    On the other hand, even if he still did everything as he is doing right now, he should've had the king assassinated. Before you say it'd make zhao vulnerable, the current king is making effort to make it harder for Riboku. Yes, he isn't only neglecting the invasion issue, he's making sure Riboku has as few cards to play as possible. It really cannot get much worse than that. Having the successor on the throne would've made the defense of zhao much easier.

    The issue I see here is a very similar one to Shin. He wants us to believe Riboku is the undisputed #1 when it comes to intelligence, but he's not letting him be that person.
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    nii-san i need your help
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    Yeah but, like Ouhon pointed out, if 500 countries became 7, the trend is already set. Unification is only a matter of time. Why not join hands with a good king (while your king is a piece of trash) and another genius at warfare, to make it as painless as possible? For a man of his (supposed) intelligence, he didn't think this through at all.
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    How? He doesn't make sense. Why not help Qin unite China? Is it because of the bloodshed that would occur? Why have underlings like Mangoku in that case?
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    Why do you like Zhao and Riboku so much?
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