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  1. Crissspyyy chaaaaaaaan!!!
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    I'm sure she will look better once she is actually ascended.
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    Crispy-kun there is an easy 4* assassin you can get in FGO by finishing 1 easy quest!
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    i remember just being interested in kyoko because she seems to know the most. it's natural i think for her to be your first consideration for free time as a new player because of her role in the story. celes is also one of the best received characters by the playerbase.

    yeah man, i loved ishimaru.
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    by the way, i had the exact same question about the monocoins as you did. you can knock yourself out and spend all of them in the shop for presents that you can give out during free time. their other use is that you can buy concept art of the characters in the title screen and music themes, but those are really cheap so don't worry about it (and you can just google the concept art).
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    ishimaru, leon, hagakure and sakura as a runner-up. i really liked leon because of how strong his expressions are. they absolutely aced his visual presentation. i love overly zealous characters like ishimaru and i was intrigued by him immediately (which didn't change by the way, he's one of my favorite characters from DR1). i thought hagakure was just funny, nothing more .

    and then there's sakura, who is probably objectively the biggest eye catcher of the entire cast. she probably surprised me the most in how much i turned out to like the character.

    if i had to pick the coolest charactee from just the intro, i'd say ishimaru and leon as second place.
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    just keep on doing what you're doing. ignorance is bliss
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    i'm just going to say outright that danganronpa has little to no replayability in the traditional sense. it might appear to have choices at times but there's only really one plotline you can follow. freetime events serve for the players to bond with the characters you like, they do not alter the flow of the game in any way to my knowledge (though there are free time events that adress specific points of the game).

    i do not think this is a bad thing though. this might bum you out but bonding with the characters makes it hit much harder when/if "something" actually happens. the game tries its best to be unpredictable (there - is- a way i noticed the first time playing to determine what characters might bite the sand in the very early game but i'm gonna tell you about that once you're done/further in when it doesn't matter anymore) so it doesn't take into account who you personally bonded with.

    a second playthrough offers you essentially nothing more than the first one gameplay-wise, but for me personally just re-experiencing danganronpa's fantastic writing is enough. seeing everything in the game from a completely new angle when you already know what happens is cooler than it seems, at least to me. i think you might be a bit disappointed though lol.
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    yeah, that one.

    i just hope that enthusiasm carries on. i thought you'd like the game more than something like ace attorney because it's just a lot more bizarre. the game starts to pick up the pace very quickly after the prologue.

    i myself only got into DR like a month ago (i've known about it for years though) and i'm already replaying the first game because i enjoyed it so much.

    enjoy yourself, man.
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