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    I noticed in some pages you are using "God" and in others "the gods". i think the plural form is better for this series.

    Chapter 44

    Page 1
    Pontos - know that the power of a human being is not born of oneself. the human being only has strength because God thus granted it ... therefore, it is impossible for you to overcome us, for man is nothing more than a divine creation. no matter how much power you think you have, it's all an illusion.
    Aiolia- do not be intimidated !! do not get carried away by his words !! always trusted my fists !!

    Page 2
    Aiolia - the cosmos of the human being is nothing of what you said it to be! they are not illusory fangs!!
    Pontos - what you lack is understanding.

    Page 3
    Pontos - It's exactly this cosmos you are talking about ... which is only an inferior force in front of the gods. Dunamis, the divine power!

    Page 4
    Aiolia - the unlimited power that comes from him ... is it distorting my lightning ?!
    Pontos-I'm not like the Titans. I have existed since the beginning of time. I am a primordial god, much greater and older than they are . I am Pontos, the god of the ocean, the black sea that generates life. My power....

    Page 5
    Pontos - It does not have to do with what you call cosmos. It is not such a insignificant power as that. You said your fangs are not illusory.
    Aiolia - a black whirlwind formed in the blink of an eye and, spinning at light speed ... passed through my arm ?!
    Pontos - but this certainty of yours... is about to collapse. Because....

    Page 6
    Pontos - My power will brake your lion fangs ... along with your heart.

    Page 7
    Aiolia - Nuuoh! My arm! He ripped it off!
    Pontos: that cosmos that you believe to possess inside you..... is no more than a cheap imitation of the power of God. the strength that we, the primordial gods, possess ... this is the true power.

    Page 8
    Pontos - engrave this into your soul, this here .... is the true Dunamis
    Aiolia - he ... pierced ... my heart!

    Page 9
    Pontos - There's only one thing you can do .... standing in front of me. is to get down on your knees on the floor ... and bow down. that's all you have to do.

    Page 10
    Pontos - Saint of Athena.... acknowledge this!. This is what is called defeat!
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    Tomorrow then
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    I couldnt even start it yet

    sorry man
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    Not right now sorry, but I could play next week. However I appreciate the offer.
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    r u up for a game? highly bored rn lol
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    nice sig

    where's that from?
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    Should be Renasviel
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    sent request
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    ah almost forgot

    going to sign up now
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