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    probably, our time zones suck
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    How about, no.
  3. Yeah i like my chances in both those variants. Hopefully white agrees to playing one.
  4. wut up leggo
  5. Wait that sounded gay...
  6. Good game brother. I will retreat into the mountains for some training. Expect an evolved negro next time we clash swords.
  7. Good game brother. I will retreat into the mountains for some training. Expect an evolved negro next time we clash swords.
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    I was wrong to do this. Animosity can't be neutralized with animosity.
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    Your first reaction to hearing news about religion was to spew hateful messages. That's bigotry and is no better than racism. Meaning you're just as bad as any racist out there. Just another guy who hides his hate behind a garble of incoherent thoughts.

    I guarantee you that you will never find an alternative to my first cause argument. It's just not possible, no matter how much you try. This is because the realm that the first cause argument, the first cause itself, is outside of the realm of science since it cannot be observed due to it's nature and science can ONLY deal with the observable. Only rational arguments can be used to counter statement like this. The first cause argument being that everything finite was caused by, or is dependent on, one or more things outside of itself and that the only solution for anything existing is if the first cause is something that is infinite - ie God.

    That's absurd. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. This is stuff elementary schools kids learn. You have no way of actually proving this negative and therefore your atheism is actually nothing more than blind faith. How are you any different from those wacky creationists that think the earth is a few thousand years old? It only makes sense to disbelieve something when there is evidence of a lack of something, but using the lack of evidence as proof is childish. You can't be an atheist by default, you can only be an agnostic by default.

    You're also probably looking for scientific evidence, which is foolish. Science is one form of knowledge, it's not the end all be all. It cannot apply to things which are outside the realm of observation, which an omnipotent being would be by default. You're basically saying you're an atheist because we haven't observed the unobservable.

    And yes you do reject the Abrahamic religions. You can't reject the idea of God but not reject religions that say God exists.
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    I'm not the one that can't defend his own beliefs. You started this when you decided to be an asshat for no reason. So I'm not gonna stop until you either apologize or debate.

    You mentioned I don't have evidence for a diety. What is that assumption based on? Everyone with sense knows proof of God comes from logical arguments such as the first cause argument. You mention barbaric practices, but somehow probably confuse the barbarism of the modern world as a good thing. And so on and so forth.

    So what is the basis for your atheism? Do you even have one? You probably are going to try and apply science to an inherently non-scientific issue.
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