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    My style of watching this has been changing in the past year and that's probably why my watching habits seem so inconsistent. Like its hard for me to actually explain how I even watch things these days. The best explanation is probably that it all depends on the feeling. It all comes down to the mindset and feels that the show gives me. I can even watch a show that I after finishing think was actually really not worth watching as long as I have that certain feeling while watching it. Its why I haven't actually started watching any series that at the moment I didn't feel like starting. I've forced myself to watch some individual episodes, but a whole series seems like masochism. Don't think you should watch something you simply don't feel like watching.

    Initial impressions just can have that WOW factor, where if something amazing happens in the first episodes you just want to keep watching more and more. If the start is slow and boring even I start thinking why would I even bother watching the show so I either drop the series or get lucky and get that hook later on at whatever episode I end up getting to.
    I'd say its a lot easier to watch a few boring episodes after a great start than watching a boring start and actually sticking with a series. Well I usually just skip watch the boring episodes so its easy for me to talk lol.
    I'm always just watching or reading a single series at one time, I don't understand how can people be catching up with several series at the same time. I'd probably get confused and annoyed if I did that and would probably drop the other series to focus on the one I'm liking the most.

    I don't get how can you keep reading something if you feel like dropping it, the moment I feel like dropping something I drop it on the spot.
    There's some series that I've literally dropped mid episode because I just got bored or overly annoyed by something I didn't like.

    Speaking of amazing manga you should start Vagabond.

    I don't think you should start analyzing something like that, like just about everything can suck if you start nitpicking like that. Think you should probably take a break the moment you start doing it.
    I only do it when I have some preconceptions about a series and its not living up to my expectations, and has things that just straight up annoy me. I tend to do analyzing afterwards after the hype has toned down a little, I feel I can analyze better that way and it doesn't mess with the watching experience. There's actually only one series that I have literally NO gripes with...

    I feel that its important not to even start watching something unless your feeling it, there have been a few shows that I've did that with and just didn't feel like watching them at all and started giving myself objective reasons as to why the series are shit and not worth watching. Also there are a few shows that had something that annoyed me so much that I got into that type of a mood where I just started analyzing the shit out of the show almost like I was doing it out of spite.
    I don't watch things unless they are at a certain level of quality in terms of translations, art and such.
    I didn't even watch the very hyped Gintama movie because I couldn't find proper translations. Kingdom anime is probably the only exception where I was constantly annoyed by the quality, but still watched it.

    Its the power of feelings man
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    The FD arc in general simply felt lazily written. It could be because Hara had no historical notes to use with that arc. And yeah watching Ten do things didn't really feel all that important, it would have been enough to get a single page that would have more or less said that the situation is dire and then bring in SHK.

    Tbh, I'm not even sure I can tell if a series is good or not after 3-4 episodes. There have been series with a strong start that turned to shit later on and vice versa. I guess with 8 episodes you can tell if a series will be good or not like TTGL for example. Before episode 8 I couldn't really say TTGL was that good, but episode 8 and what came after I thought was great and made the series overall better.
    But I'm way too impatient to wait 8 episodes for something to blossom(lol). I think there's only 1 series that I've dropped that I watched more than 4 episodes of.

    I have a short attention span so unless I feel some sort of investment to a series I'm very quick to drop a series without giving it much thought. That's why I talked about the hook, I literally cannot get past 2 episodes unless there's something that keeps me watching, like even a good opening song can be enough.
    Also sometimes I make a really big deal out of some gripes I have with series early on and just drop them at that. The initial impression is everything to me. The thing that initially makes me drop things isn't really that I analyze something, but rather the feeling I get from a series.
    If I'm not feeling a series or something just bugs me about it, I start analyzing it and like really focusing on the negatives. Its a bias thing really, like if I'm really liking the first episodes and I get hooked to a series, I probably wont analyze it much at all and just enjoy the ride, but if something annoys me early on, I will make it impossible for myself to enjoy rest of the show.

    You should read the latest FT chapter, I literally laughed for minutes after reading it, actually I spent more time laughing than reading it. Legit comedy gold, especially if you read the pissed off fan reactions lol.

    Damn, I almost need .5 to score things. This will make it so hard to decide on scores. I'll do this probably this week, first I'll just write down all the series that I've watched and then try to figure out their scores. My memory is pretty good so I wont need to rewatch things to rate them.

    I've only heard good things about Nagi no Asakura, but I never bothered to watch it. The setting just seems kind of uninteresting to me, but I guess I should try it out before judging it.
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    I meant the whole moment with Shouheikun arriving thing, I felt the build up pages for that were kind of necessary. But yeah, there hasn't really been those big moments. I guess you could say that the Ouhon vs Earl Shi or Shin taking out Reiou was trying to be sort of a big moment, but it just didn't work and felt lazy rather than epic.

    Heh, I also feel or more so felt that I could recognize between a bad show and a good show, but that didn't really work as I've found myself enjoying shows that I previously overlooked. But recently I have questioned my dropping habits and gave series a bit more chance that I used to. I even watched some shows that I'd say are mediocre that would never have happened before. Like I'm trying to focus on the positive sides of series rather than the negative ones now.

    To me it takes probably like around a minute to read a chapter of manga that isn't very text heavy. But yeah, there's something that keeps me reading the series that I can't properly explain myself. But I wouldn't call it masochism since I have no emotional investment with these series. It would be a whole different thing if Kingdom all of a sudden started pulling out massive bullshit.

    I agree with you on the scoring thing. If I don't enjoy a series that I can see is objectively great, I just can't put it over a series that is clearly flawed, but I still liked. I'll probably score things just like you then. Biggest problem that there is that you apparently can't give .5 scores to anything. There's quite a few shows that I'd like to rate like 7.5 or 6.5. Looking at your MAL my initial scoring seems to differ from yours like 1 or 2 points on like every series that we both have seen. I'll probably do it later in the week once I've remembered just what I've even watched and how I liked them.

    Let me guess, it was Clannad that you dropped?
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    Agreed, but with the last chapter I feel like it would have been a problem if we would of had the usual 2 or 3 chapters a release or it would have been fine if the chapter had a few more pages. I felt the build up was somewhat necessary. For an arc this hyped up something really epic should happen.

    I need something to hook me into a series and that's why a strong start is important. If I find myself not liking the first episodes really at all, I see no reason to continue watching. Sometimes a series has some good things and that's why I keep watching a little more which sometimes results me in watching the whole series, but more often not. Would you really watch like 30% of a series where your not feeling it all during those 30%?
    Heh, I think FT is actually pretty fun to read. I just take it as pure comedy lol.

    Yeah, its not enough to really judge a whole show, but often to me that's enough to make me drop things. If nothing hooks me, I don't keep watching.
    Gintama is an interesting show, because I dropped it twice before getting into it. First time I dropped it after 3 episodes because I just didn't feel it at all and next time I watched 20 episodes and just dropped it. First time I tried to get into it was after I had caught up with One piece and went into Gintama expecting a battle shonen. That didn't go too well lol.
    But when I started watching it for the third time I decided to stick with it and have a completely open mind and I ended up really liking it. Which makes me want to revisit some series to see if I could see them in a different light this time around.

    I'd say dealing with subpar entertainment and wasting time are pretty much the same thing. This is more relevant when it comes to anime due to time commitment needed to watch it. I think sitting down for hours to watch something that your not really enjoying is far from being worth it.

    Yeah, those series have massively degraded in quality. Pretty much to a point where the bad writing is laughable and almost sad at times. Its hard to explain why I really keep reading them, as someone who is capable of critical thinking and has seen quite a few series, I'm perfectly aware how shit these series have gotten/have been. But I just don't feel like dropping them. Maybe its because the shitty quality doesn't really affect me that much at this point, I've learned to expect it in these series. But I guess there's some enjoyment that I still get from them in a weird way and I still wanna know what happens to the stories that I once really liked and put a lot of time in and since its not really bothering me to read the chapters weekly, I don't see a reason to drop them. So I don't really care about what happens in the series, but at the same time I still have some interest to see what happens. I just read the chapters weekly, but don't really think or talk about them at all. I wonder if I'm contradicting myself here somehow lol.

    I'm really bad at rating shows, I don't really know how to score things in terms of how much I should let personal enjoyment affect my scoring. Like in some ways I feel that personal enjoyment is the only thing that really matters, but I also feel like I should objectively rate the story, art and characters as well. Any tips to scoring things? You say it wouldn't take very long, but knowing me it might take a week or two lol.

    Wow, that bad? How do you feel about the token moe characters in some other shows? Like Mayuri in Steins;gate for example? Or Menma in Anohana? To me the cutesy moe stuff doesn't really matter at all as long as there is something more to the series.
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    Yeah, I agree with that as well. I was rereading some of the parts of the Zhao war and the Bayou arc it definitely felt like it was going faster in terms of chapter by chapter content. And yeah, I'm also just expecting something really epic to happen, like this arc has been good so far, but I feel like its missing those truly amazing moments that we had in the big war arcs for example.

    Drop what? You mean how am I still reading FT?

    I dunno, I just don't feel like watching stuff that I feel isn't worth watching even if its in a series that I really like otherwise. Like I said before, I haven't really gotten into a situation where this habit of skipping stuff has come to bite me in the ass so I haven't really felt that possibility of missing any important things.
    There has been a few occasions where I have watched something that I feel was boring and it took considerable effort do so.

    I usually give anime like 2 or 3 episodes and if I find myself skipping most of the stuff that's happening in them I just drop the series there. Or if there's just some character or thing that bothers me in some way. There have been series that I've dropped because I couldn't stand 1 or 2 characters.
    The biggest difference maker is how much time it takes to watch or read something. I read the usual big 3 chapters in about a minute or even less sometimes so I just don't feel the need to drop something that isn't really wasting my time. Also I feel some sort of commitment to these series since I've been following them for such a long time now. When it comes to anime its like 20 mins an episode, I feel like I could be watching something that I enjoy rather than watch something that's boring so I just skip things. Even if reading manga is a longer term commitment it doesn't really bother me as it takes so little time to stay caught up and I just don't care enough to drop the series even if I've nearly completely lost interest.
    To me its enjoyment that keeps me watching stuff which usually comes from how much I like the characters, how the story is. and if there's good comedy. I'm really quick to notice flaws in plots and characters and that turns me off really quickly from shows. Even if the visuals, ost or FS are great, if I'm not feeling the characters or the story I just drop the series. To me characters and story are like 80% of the enjoyment.
    Guess its a pretty weird thing to say that I really like a show even though I skip entire arcs while watching it, but that's just how I roll.

    Funnily enough, I really liked Samurai champloos characters and that's why I really liked the show as well. But in general I felt that the show was all around great. I'd put it in my all time favorites and its one of the few shows where I didn't skip a single moment while watching it.

    Yeah, I thought TTGL and stupid and childish when I was 16 years old. But last year when I watched it and a few months ago when I rewatched it I thought it was damn amazing. And it wasn't the only show, there's been several things that I've watched in the past year that I previously would have just overlooked because they seemed ''childish''. Its mostly because I found myself all of a sudden really enjoying something that I never thought possible that opened my eyes kind of and I learned to appreciate different things. Before that I was really only watching certain types of shows and now I'm watching pretty much all kinds of stuff.

    When it comes to animation, my favorite style is the old Naruto and Bleach style of animation. Bleach fights during the soul society arc are still among my favorites in terms of animation. Gintama has that kind of animation as well and it has stuck with it which really made me like the anime even more.

    I don't mind the moe and cutesy stuff, but I don't really watch shows that have them unless there's some other reason to watch them like a good story or great comedy, which are pretty fucking rare in those kind of shows lol.
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    I think there's less pages in Kingdom because the art is way more detailed than what you'd see in most weekly series. But yeah, the pacing is a problem. Thinking back do you think the pacing has been better in the past? Like comparing the Zhao war to the current arc?

    I don't really get the true completion thing, I just don't put up with bad arcs or episodes. But I've never actually dropped a manga that I've caught up with even after losing interest. I haven't even dropped Fairy tail after all the bullshit. Anime I drop pretty quickly once it starts getting boring, but manga I stick with. Its probably because reading a single chapter every now and then hardly takes any time at all. I look for shows that are at least 8/10, I rarely watch anything that I consider to be less than that. I've never really let the popularity of the series affect me, there's some really popular anime that I like and some that everyone else seems to consider amazing that I just didn't care about. I really dislike the whole band wagon mentality lol.

    I wasn't really thinking that critically about Naruto back then, but once I started doing so after the Pain arc the series really started disappointing me.

    I don't really have favorite characters like that, but I like good characters and they make me stick with a show. If I don't like the characters at all I wont watch the show.

    I'm not really referring to the moe stuff, but more so to shows like TTGL. Just 3 years ago I tried first getting into it and I dropped it after 3 episodes after judging it to be too childish. But a year ago I tried it out again and ended up really liking it. So rather than losing interest as I've grown older, I've actually gotten more into anime and manga than in the past. So I'm not that worried about losing interest, I reckon I will have times when I'm less interested, but I think I'll be watching anime and manga for quite a while from now.

    Moe hating on moe .
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    Its probably not the last arc, but its definitely getting close. There has been some development which makes it impossible for the series to go back to what it used to be so I assume its likely to end somewhat soon. No idea when it will be animated, the first Gintama anime had like 200 episodes, second season was 50 episodes and then the third was only 13 episodes. I hope this current season will have at least 50 episodes if it does it might get very close to what every Gintama fan really wants to see animated. So at best it might happen in a year or two, but it could as well take 3 or 4 years.

    Kingdoms pacing is kinda annoying, but I'm not sure if that is because I got so used to having 5-8 chapters a week or because its just slow. Especially when I more or less know whats going to happen and I just want to get there, its really annoying with the pacing. I feel like the whole Sei vs Ryo speech thing should of been done in a single or 2 chapter instead of 4.

    I'm the opposite with skipping things, if I start losing interest even if its in the middle of an episode I just skip forward till it gets interesting again. I need to honestly put effort into something when I don't want to skip stuff in some series. I have a pretty short attention span and I just can't watch something that's boring to me. When something starts to bore me I just get so impatient and it starts feeling like the moment/episode is just taking forever to end.
    Actually I use it as a way to rate anime series's in a way. If it manages to keep me watching everything without skipping I know its a truly entertaining series. Only a very few shows have managed this for me.
    But even with all the skipping that I do, I've never gotten into a moment where I would have needed to watch something that I skipped to know something about a series so I think I'm pretty good at skipping the irrelevant filler stuff canon or not.

    Well I hadn't read the Naruto manga until I had caught up with the anime. I had no real complaints of the animation before the pain arc, that's when I started really noticing the quality going to shit. I never understood why the most popular shows get such shit animation. And yeah, there was a time when I was really into Naruto for some reason, it was the first anime I had watched since like DBZ so I was really hyped about it and like 13-14 years old so I ended up watching it quite a few times. Skipped all the filler of course.

    I rarely connect with characters. After watching anime for years I think I connect maybe with 2 or 3 characters. Gintoki the main character of Gintama is probably my current favorite character, for a main character hes probably the most likeable that I've seen and I can somewhat connect with him. I agree with good characters being able to carry even a mediocre story or an episodic series with no real plot.

    Yeah, there's a guy on youtube who is in his fifties and reviewed Naruto and seemed to be really into it. Also there's some people that are at least in their thirties and still following anime. So I don't think its that much about age, but more so about the mindset you have and if you can keep a mindset where you can keep enjoying anime.
    I think anime is pretty much an acquired taste and I don't think its possible to completely outgrow it unless you try to. I don't see a reason why I wouldn't enjoy some of the stuff that I'm watching and reading now 10 years from now. Like I've actually only now started watching these more ''childish shows'' that I considered to be too childish for me a couple years ago when I was younger, so I at least doubt that I'll ever outgrow anime.
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    Word limit lol...
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    The latest arcs of the manga need to be animated for Gintama. Its like finally the big players get together and the plot really activates that has been building up for ages. I'd compare the recent arc almost to the coalition war arc, very different series, but the feel was kind of similar.

    I'm probably hyping up the series a bit too much lol hope that doesn't affect your enjoyment of it, I know that hype tends to fuck up the experience for some people. The start isn't exactly the greatest and its pretty much purely comedic (with a few exceptions) up till like episode 40 after which there starts coming some of the more serious arcs. Its a weird combination of seriousness and comedy that usually doesn't work, but for me it worked really well in Gintama. Also the animation isn't the greatest at the start, but it gets gradually better as the series goes on.

    Yeah, Kuroko was a weird series for me. I don't really give a shit about basketball, never played it or watched a game, but the series has been really enjoyable. I think the author made a really good job with the characters, especially the Generation of miracles.

    I don't remember much, but I thought the Digimon series back then was better than Pokemon, but I liked the first three Pokemon movies more than Digimon. The movies were epic.

    Yeah, I think watching more series and reading more manga made the '' big 3'' lose a lot of their glimmer.
    Also I feel like following the series for such a long time makes them feel different. Its like I grew tired of seeing the same type of shit over and over again with no real development happening. When a series is just the same shit over and over again it tends to grow really stale imo and its especially bad with series that aren't over and you follow them weekly for years. This is why I hope to see serious development happen in series like Kingdom to keep it fresh and interesting.

    I started out with manga, but I do try to watch everything in anime first. I caught up with Bleach, Naruto, One piece animes before I went to the manga. I've always skipped filler, even when I didn't know what fillers were I skipped most of the fillers because I thought they were boring lol. My biggest problem with manga has always been the art, if isn't at a certain level of quality I just can't read the series.
    I've always watched stuff at my own pace, I wasn't really browsing any forums so I was watching everything with like 0 knowledge. I loved catching up to Naruto, part 1 I too consider to be among the best stuff I've seen from shonen, but shippuden was just disappointing, especially after the pain arc the series turned to ass. Shit, I've actually rewatched Naruto part 1 more than I've reread Kingdom. I dropped the Naruto anime when I caught up with the manga which was around the end of the Pain arc.

    I had only read 3 manga till 2010 and after that I started reading the big 3 weekly and eventually got into fairy tail and HxH and then in like 2012 and 2013 I started getting into seinen manga with Berserk, Kingdom and Vagabond.

    Speaking of favorite characters, I've never actually thought of favorite characters which is pretty weird given how much I've watched and read. I don't even think I have a favorite character in Naruto.

    Lol Natsu and Erza. I never understood why people liked Erza as a character before or after the GMG arc. I thought Gray and Gajeel were about the only decent characters in the show. When Gajeel struggled to beat some fucking chicken man during the Island arc, I was pretty mad.

    I'm not sure about the outgrowing thing. I don't think I'll completely outgrow anime or manga, at least I wont try to. I know people in their fifties who read and actually like Naruto so I'll definitely keep following anime and manga. I think I'll outgrow some series, but the whole medium probably not.
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    I'm just so hyped by the current events of Gintama that I really of wanted to talk about it more, there's like no one talking about Gintama for some reason even though whats currently happening is like god tier stuff.
    The manga seems to be ending soon so we have been getting these arcs that the story has been building up since like the beginning. For a comedic manga to have such amazing serious arcs I find incredible.
    Can't wait for it to be animated, the anime just does the series so much justice.

    This is actually going to be the last season of Kuroko if they don't start doing it just purely filler or some ovas from the specials since the manga ended.

    Damn, I haven't watched Digimon since like 2002. I remember liking it more than Pokemon back then.
    I watched monster a couple years ago, but haven't seen Parasyte tho I heard its great.
    Almost rewatched Bakemonogatari and I'm pretty confused where I should continue watching. Not quite sure which seasons are prequels and which are sequels.

    I know its a bit of a cliche thing to say, but I feel like I grew out of One piece and shows like it in general. After following them for years they just stopped appealing to me in general. Or maybe its because I followed them for years and that's why I just grew bored of them.

    I started watching FT after I had caught up with Naruto, Bleach, One piece and HxH. I wanted to watch some long series with some fighting. I didn't think the series was ever that good, but it had decent fanservice and the OST was amazing so I caught up. I guess it had its moments before the whole island arc, but after that it just got so hilariously bad. I'm still reading it, but I had to completely stop expecting anything decent out of it and just take it as a joke. Would be fun to see how would KIG like FT with Natsu just winning every opponent with some retarded shit.

    I can't remember any phone numbers its just not possible for me.

    I guess her or Einar might jump in front of the crossbow and save Thorfinn. Vinland saga and Vagabond are the only monthly series that I read, I really don't think its a very good thing to have a monthly series.
    Especially when the series needs like over 100 chapters to finish, its like 100 fucking months.... Good thing I waited years to pick up Vinland saga and started Vagabond after it had been coming out for like 16 years.
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