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    I have a question about something in Dark Arisen. After meeting Orla and traveling to Bitterblack Isle for the first time with her, I recieved some equipment from her for every class. Now, one of the items (1 of 3 headgears) is worth 300,000 gold. Is it some kind of bug? I mean, the items themselves aren't anything special. Heck, the ones I had were better, and that was pretty early into the story. Only this certain item is worth this much, everything else is worth about 4-5k. I have no intetion of using it, and having this amount of money would be pretty awesome, but if it's needed for a quest or something along those lines, I'd rather know it right now instead of making a fool of myself and selling it.
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    good luck man!
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    i see, there's always a timer on the poll if one chooses to put it in

    have you gotten your license?
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    8 matches will come out tomorrow, and after that there won't be as many matches a day as it is now. 4 or less a day starting monday

    all matches always last 2 days minimum, and they are posted daily brother
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    The ones you haven't ob voted on are out if you had to go 2 pages
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    I just wanted to say that I love Dark Arisen so far. I've only played for 2 hours or so (3/4 of that was making a character and wasting time on exploring the world and looking for loot). What makes the gameplay so enjoyable is the combat system, which is something I hate in Skyrim. In this game you can actually dodge, block attacks without any damage, etc. Even basic attack combos are good. Also, Pawn system is something quite unique. You don't fight on your own, but as a team. Picking Pawns the most suitable for your class, fighting style and strategies for various monsters is something genuinely important. I'll write a report on the game later on.
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    I've looked at the gameplays of all these games, and Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen looks like something I'd love, which is why I'm gonna buy this one. I'm obviously going to wait for a sale, though I have enough cash for it. Most Steam games are overpriced after all.

    Thank you for such a long response.
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    Hey there, I need your help.

    I finally saved a little bit of money, and want to buy a game. The problem is, I don't know which one should I get. Could you recommend me some decent games? Preferably RPG, strategy, adventure or game like Rust. I can spend 20-30 bucks on Steam.
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    Yeah I saw the badges thread a little late, sorry about the responses it got. But if you don't have the little details worked out then people are gonna dismiss it out of hand.

    At least PoPs seems kinda interested, I'll try to push him to implement it later.
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    How it's going No. 3?
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