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    it ended last night.
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    That is very true! and you don't even have to go as far up as bill gates. Even modretly successful people in say business is somewhat rare because most businesses fail within the first five years I think. Thats the great thing about education tho, it will never leave you and it will always be with you.

    My hobbies Mmmm. Well my hobbies prior to starting college was boxing and wrestling. I wrestled for my high school while boxing in a rather small gym during my off days. I enjoy martial arts and to a lesser extent football (the real one, not the American football xd), tho it's kinda hard to keep up with it if you're living in America because not a lot of channels show it and what not. But I can't wait for the fifa world cup 2014.

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    HOW RIGHT YOU ARE lol. Man we already put in 2 years so what's another 2 years aye lol. I was just checking if you would pull a bill gates or something since you said you were the computer type guy xD I think he pulled away from college along with the facebook founder. Alot of people use those two guys as an example but what they fail to realize is that they are not average to say the least. They are outside the norms and are basically exceptions to the rule!
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    Yea I get your point as well, but it is what it is you know.

    Random question. If you won 10 million dollars, would you drop out of college?
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    You sound like it >_>

    And ah I see, good for him. Your family sounds like it's in good hands.

    Eh, I wouldn't say different in regards to everyone else (since every country has a culture of it's own), but some Americans have this USA USA USA mentality not unlike the the nationalistic individuals of other nations. It can be a dangerous thing or a great thing if u look at it from either way.
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    Ah lol same here I suppose. I am but I was raised in the United States and feel pretty American tho at the same time I know my roots very well. And lol I know what you mean man, I myself hate USA history, but I enjoy ancient history the most where in which Egypt played a great role lol.

    I see man, I am teaching myself java script via books and what not and I'm enjoying it so far. And you may not go into IT, but the knowledge you have could serve you well some day if it hasn't already. There is no such thing as wasted education! Eduction is power. Sadly it seems that a lot of Americans (not all but a lot) don't value education as much and want the easy way to money.

    HAHAHAHAH nice my brother, good luck with that! And if you take responsibility you better be the oldest sibling in your family lmao.
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    Thanks man

    Oh damnnnnnnnnn. Well I have a brother who thought that he wanted to go to the computer science route and was very good at it, but he ended up switching careers/majors because it's not what he thought it would be. So maybe it's a good thing that you didn't get acce[ted because of those assholes lol. And ahhhhh that's why you defended commerce when i replied to that one girl (tho I didn't attack it) xD You see I have this non western mentality that the only majors to go to college for (in the USA atleast) is engineering or medicine and maybe business/finance if you go to the right school, but thats it rly.

    Oh yea, I have some family that lives in Egypt in cairo and Alexandira. And lol it's funny that you hate history, considering you nation has one of the coolest histories in the world imo.
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    Don't want more off topic posts sooo

    Loool you killed me with that statement xD I'll be the one good Dentist that kids will want to see U_U

    What made you want to go to , management?

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    Bold stickied an anime discussion thread for kingdom.
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