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  3. I have a pokemon its this cool misunderstood shadow type lucario-absol fusion pokemon oc called deathglare shadowslash with black dragon wings and sharp claws and black eyes with red pupils and fingerless gloves and a dark haircut that covers its face but you can still see the eyes theyre just in shadow and also its part of team rocket because its actually giovannis lost son and it hates all of humanity and its best friends with mewtwo and they both formed a pact to end humanity because of their hatred of experimentation and they go on a rampage and deathglare kills all the soldiers that get in their way because he isnt some dumb kids character like all the other pokemon no he actually kills people and they die because dying is cool and at one point theres this family that he stays with but they betray him so he tears them limb from limb and all the blood and viscera splatters against the other wall and its really violent and its way more mature than any of those other dumb pokemon stories, its cool like all my fanfiction that dennis found and read to the class fuck you dennis you fucking bitch youre just jealous you dont have cool characters like me, in my story deathglare rips dennis in half at one point and its really awesome because he cries like a baby what a fucking wimp i would never cry because crying is for women and im cool why dont any of the girls like me they all go after dennis those fucking bitches they dont understand what its like being 14 and 10 years more mature than those other losers id be nice to them i follow chivalry and so does my character deathglare if fucking stacey would just give me a chance i could show her the time of her life but no fucking bradley gets her well fuck her shes a whore and shes only half-asian anyway so its not like shes even that pure ill get a beautiful japanese wife someday, deathglare said so he has a japanese wife called oppai and shes everything he could want and no its not bestiality because he has a human dick so its not animal sex stop telling everyone that dennis
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    Murda on the beat so its not nice!
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    Dude, listen to PNL. It’s a french duo. They’re dope as fuck. They make type of music you’ll like.
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    Hi man, how've you been?
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    Yes, you did. In fact you did nothing wrong in DP1. In DP2 there was a special one huge mistake everyone did. Even scum. Even host.
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    Nm, just working and shit. You?
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    WoW tHaTs LiKe a ToTalLy FrEsH CuStoM TiTlE BrAh
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    Are you kidding me, TMF forgets almost everything

    Except the really golden stuff. Like Poopy's mcdonald's gf
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