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  1. it gets stronger by sleeping
  2. considering the mastiff is the legacy of a true immortal i highly doubt it wont power up to at least false immortal levels.
  3. then what about the blood mastiff

    which is weird considering the outlander beast was considered equivalent to a spirit severing cultivator but yet it couldnt fend off the parrot like the mastiff did
  4. im honestly surprised he didnt die when he tried fucking the outlander beast and the way he kept calling it his concubine
  5. spoiler: i heard that the copper mirror was so OP that the the nine mountain and seas were created as the after effect of a war that tore apart the main universe and the 2 sides were fighting for the copper mirror

    but currently any ancient realm being should be able to demolish lord fifth
  6. that parrot is the funnies shit ever lmao

    id like to see it try anything on a ridiculously powerful animal like the deer stead of the kunlun patriarch though
  7. tfw mh has the most OP dao protector ever

    imagine how badass he would look sitting a top a country sized turtle flying through space
  8. the funny thing is most of mh cultivation base rests on stolen legacies and techniques vs chosen that have grown up in a single sect

    the fight between him and the chosen from the sword grotto in the immortal ruins was pretty cool though.
  9. nah, i find the theft stuff hilarious but treating people like shit just because u can doesnt sit well with me.

    but i guess he gets his tyranical side from his father. i mean mh could have had multiple peak immortal servants but no his dad to kill all but one
  10. yh the whole anti-hero archetype is big in wuxias/xianxias but this arc mh has just been really petty. his interactions with fang wei and the other chosen like sun hai always leave me asking when he'll grow up
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