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  1. Oohhh that, I did it to like 30 people's profiles and got infracted and banned, good times

    I still see the infraction everytime I go and check my reps, its there forever
  2. Hopefully you didnt miss my other VM before that one
  3. I'll PM you my username, are you a member there as well?
  4. Met this alright lookin girl at a party like a week ago, i gave her a call a couple days ago and we met up yesterday. One thing led to another and we ended up back at her place making out, she then asked me if i would agree to a fetish she had, so i was like wut is it? She then goes to the bathroom and comes back with a face full of acne, its just everywhere, on her cheeks, forehead, everywhere. I was like dafuk u didnt have any before? she tells me that she wears tons of foundation, fukin deceiving sloot.

    As she nears closer i back away and im like i dont think we should see each other anymore. She starts tearing up saying how she really likes me and if i could please satisfy her fetish. She then says to me "I hate all these pimples all over my face, i want to suck ur dick as u pop the pimples on my face." I was like dafuk thats fuking sick i dunno if i can do this for u, but before i knew it she was sucking my cock and damn she was good, she took her mouth off my dick though and said "well do it, FUKING DO IT!" then she started sucking my cock harder and better then ever and i reluctantly places 2 fingers on a pimple on her cheeks and squeezed, it blew the fuk up and blew white stuff all over my stomach, she moaned hard as fuk and her dick sucking skills got even better.

    So i kept popping pimples all over her face for like 2 minutes, my whole body was covered in pimple juice and i felt disgusted, and my erection was losing hardness. Her whole face was red now and her eyes were watering, i asked her if she was ok and she nodded her head, she kept moaning hard. Then i went to pop this particularity big pimple and when i popped it, it flew right in my face, i tried to wipe it away but it just went all over my face, i could smell the stench of it and some went into my mouth. I then vomited uncontrollably all over her forehead with my dick still in her mouth, she fell backwards with a shocked look on her face, i was pretty shocked too. She then said to me "well? continue popping!" I was like fuk this shiit u filthy sloot FUK U AND FUK UR SHIIT u crazy bitch!
  5. Oohhh that, I did it to like 30 people's profiles and got infracted and banned, good times

    I still see the infraction everytime I go and check my reps, its there forever
  6. Is that for real? I don't remember that
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    I dunno how to play.
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    Don't think I'm suited. Hmm well I find em amusing but I'm just not good at em. Last game I was in I ended up costing the game a cop, then the one before that my self esteem cost town to lose the game (that was The Wire game, the only one I think I was good at), and the first one I played I had Tom spoonfeeding me. I don't think I've really improved tbh.

    Though if you need a certain amount of players in a few days when you're gonna close sign ups, I'd be happy to join.
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    I dunno man, each time I play it just seems less and less fitting for me.
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    You can make a signup thread if you'd like.
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