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    In response to your post in that one thread (since I don't wanna bump it):

    It seems to me that people that use terms like "political correctness" are usually dicks that try to justify their behavior, as if there's something wrong with being sensitive to the feelings of others. Let's look up the definition:

    the avoidance, often considered as taken to extremes, of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against.

    Now I understand that you shouldn't sugarcoat anything and that being overly sensitive (in either definition of the word) is a bad thing, however usually the same people who complain about PC language are the thinnest skinned people of them all.

    So if you believe there's such thing as sugarcoating something, where you make the truth superficially acceptable, I believe there's such thing as bittercoating, where you make the truth superficially harsh. Words are very very powerful, so we have to be careful on how we choose them. Hence why in the US (and probably the UK, correct me if I'm wrong) says that "anything you say will be used against you in a court of law."

    Therefore, there is an appropriate way to say certain things. Which sentence (which is basically telling the receiver of the message that he doesn't have guts) is better?

    "You're a fucking pussy."
    "You're a coward."

    There's nothing wrong with tact, is what I'm getting at, which is what a lot of anti PC people seem to forget.
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    Don't forget to pm me your choice when you get the chance.
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    You got a relative that's a hairdresser?
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    Hey Bold, kinda random but do you go to a barbershop? You seem big on looking for ways to boost confidence, and I figured that'd play into hand considering if you look good, you feel good too.
  5. It was beautiful
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    Watch some Jordan Peterson

    the man is a national treasure
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    Muhmuh Russia

    Muh impeachment

    I feel like they're stuck in a loop.

    Goddang did you hear that nbc news twitter tweeted that putin said there might have been undisclosed communication, which sold like hotcakes. Afterwards it was "corrected" and bullshit. Yeah... that didn't get the same amount of retweets. I wonder why, he asked sarcastically.
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    The best source I found about how playing chess helps with solving problems :

    I've found other articles but most were not available without paying or not to the point. One that seemed interesting was discussing the fact that chessplayers developped better long term memory and recognition tasks abilities.
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    Now Dems and the left are all for States and private industries regulating themselves instead of federal overseers.

    Trump just did so many 4d chess moves they're doing what Rebublicans have wanted for years!

    The madman Pulls out of the Accord, and what do they do? start advocating for states to do what they want instead of relying on more Government

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    This Mofo is playing the world's smallest Violin in the face of Paris Accord

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