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    Well, I do recall saying that but I didnt think it was hilarious like you put it.
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    If you can, it'll be sweet. And stop implying things
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    Bitching can resolve wars, Dofla - never underestimate its power.

    And I never said I was going to play it.
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    Maybe it's not my favorite but it's certainly the best character I've ever seen.

    Ehhh, that's pretty far. It's in northern Italy, while I live in the centre. Maybe 500km or more.
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    Nagito the Ultimate Fictional Character
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    Was the result expected? I heard people got weird results bit mine was actually quite faithful.

    Also, who is in your top five?
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    i'll try to think of a way to make everyone play.

    it's not like there aren't any emergency solutions. i could get another player to join, make 5 solos and 3 pairs and make it so there is a group where two solos play against each other until some people exit the game and it can return to a normal flow.

    similarly, when 10 people are left i can make it so there are 4 pairs and 2 solos, and make 2 pairs play against each other and so on.
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    Just use bb code you scrub. The broken editing function is the most egregious sin - your errors haunt you forever
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    Huh. I just Googled it and I've definitely seen that evil bear thing before... But from where?

    I can't imagine the site's rapidly declining functionality is helping either tbh. You'd think one admin and two super mods could hold the site together for a month or two, but you disappoint me as usual
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    i like that phi perk a lot. i think it's very balanced, to the point that even the use could be questionable - but with the addition of restricted voters like dio and luna, it adds another layer to the game for the phi player. i'll edit it as soon as i get home.

    yes, i planned on defaulting to ally. i do hope that no one will inactifag because a single inactive player could ruin the game since it's a much more tight competition than mafia, but in case they do i will just default them.

    i do really want to include that tenmyoiuji/quark perk but there's a problem with it. essentially, it is an individual goal that is nigh impossible not to meet. this is because the AB rounds shuffle. as long as there is another player left in the game, they basically control the flow of the game and can exit whenever they get the chance to. this is because they always know who the other is, so they have no reason to exit without getting paired against each other. this means tenmyouji and quark simply need to play the waiting game if they got the necessary amount of points, but their perk is much easier than that of K as he needs to exit at a specific point.

    the way i can see myself fixing this is by not making them mutually know each other's identity. this makes it so even in the late-game fantasy i showed you, they will still have a feasible possibility to lose as tenmyouji can be impersonated like any other character.

    however, that means i'll need to think of something else for quark/tenmyouji, depending on who can tell the other's identity. i also worry that the game might be too cluttered since thr incentive to impersonate is so great.

    anyways, assuming riki plays (which he will), we now actually have 10 participants.

    if we have an unbalanced amount of pair and solos, the ambidex game gets kinda awkward. it would make ambidex as it is in ZE impossible to play.

    i see no possible fix to this that doesn't ruin the flow of the game. i will try to push another two people to play so we get another balanced starting amount and can split the pairs and solos equally again. but this whole issue got me thinking: how can we continue playing the AB game if an uneven amount of people exits in a round and leaves the line-up in a state that doesn't allow equal balancing?

    let's assume we get 12 players, and play until ace can meet his individual goal. he peaces out before everyone else and is the only person to exit that round. this leaves the line-up at 11 players.

    what to do now? still include 'ace' in the game and make him default to ally (since he isn't present at that point anymore)? wouldn't that be kinda dumb?
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