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    I expect to hear back by my second grandchild.
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    Might help while I'm covering the SotM. And so long as it's not really stepping on anybody's toes.
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    It's an endurance feat.

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    I realised I didn't even try bumping up my score. It's time to change that.


    Can't really give you anything conclusive, since I'm not a fighter, but I suppose these would be endurance feats, which could mean something. Well, I could do 12 pull ups when I had 95kg and my training regimes at home would look like this: 15min warmup, 30min kickbox (with added weights), 45min Insanity (body weight and cardio) and another 15min to ease out and stretch.
    I've worked a 6AM-5/6PM (6 days) a week for 3 months and another 7PM-5AM for 2 months before that one, both when I was 19.
    Lately, when my uni was going full throttle, I'd leave home at 7AM and come back anywhere between 8-11PM for 2 months straight, spending the whole time working/studying.
    Last, but not least, I'm known as a bottomless barrel. Completely fine after 11 7.3% beers and 10+ 40% shots.


    While it's true that I'm not holding a position on TMF, I did manage to rally people under our cause in the tourney, which I don't think is an exclusively knowledge feat.
    As for leadership IRL, I'd have linked you the 300+ question personality test Vice had us do, but the results expired. Either way, among other things, I scored 99% extroversion. I mean, it's quite obvious I'm the "loud" type of person and that shows IRL too. I come on as the leader of every group of peers naturally, without having to do anything to achieve it.
    Also, when it comes to wedding traditions in croatia, the couple that is getting married chooses 2 friends that carry flags throughout the day and the people chosen are usually the party people that are 25+, can drink a fair amount and know how to keep the wedding in high spirits. I've been doing that since I was 20 and friends/family keep asking me to do it on their weddings.

    You already know what my field of study and "hobby" is, so I assume you've taken that into account. What I should add to that is that I've been trilingual from the age of 3. My german has gotten a bit rusty after high school, but I'm working on refreshing it and getting an official degree for both german and english.
    I'm a singer and I understand/hear music at a very high level, which should count for something.
    Finally, when it comes to TMF, other than the latest tourney, there's the UBD tournament where I got to the semis. More than the result, what should be noted is that my debating skills have been highlighted by multiple people in the tourney. Finally, when we played the CyK minigame, I won my first ever CyK and lost the second, however; when we played my first real CyK game, I was undefeated throughout the whole thing - beating opponents like Moubu/Kanmei/Renpa Void, with my strongest fighter being Ranbi-chan at 94.
    Oh, and, I was the only person to match Y's intellect on the already mentioned personality test, everyone else being below us.
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    Yeah Fishman Island, Punk Hazard and Dressrosa. Zou i'm waiting on until WCI is finished.
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    Im actually sorta mad because when I saw the fifty I missed some were ones I just didn't see and others I should've known. But 90's Sersi threw my ass for a loop. Lol
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    Oh and btw, fuck that completely needing Carpenters original superhero name three names ago.
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    Well it would be higher then every post-MF arc.
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    All pops told me is I'm hired
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