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    Damn, what happened to your Rep?
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    that's a good one
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    Y-yeah, me too.

    Hopefully it'll be more than just words one day. I mean, I already have some "prototypes/proofs of concept" but they're experiments, more than anything else.
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    Not sure how things are over in Scotland, but surely there's some kind of...erm, course? Something that you could finish in 1-2 years, that would make you educated for handling animals. That would benefit your job hunt greatly.

    You might even understand since you're Scottish, but we Croatians (and the whole region) really do appreciate our drink.

    That's nice.
    So long as it doesn't become a burden, getting some money from your hobby is always a boon.

    Well, yes.
    I'd really like contributing in the field, because it's something that can help a lot of people. The main issue is the fact that the biggest obstacle is the BCI (brain-computer interface), because the brain is just so complex and the progress is usually at a snail's pace.
    I also have another "motivator" in the fact that a guy came to my mentor and asked if we had anything of the kind, because his 6yr old cousin lost all 10 fingers. Our university actually didn't have anything until a year ago, when we began developing these things on my initiative. I've kinda made it my "goal" to enable the kid by the time I get my master's. It's a hellish road, but I'm not completely on my own, so we'll figure something out.
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    I'm really fond of experimental physics and I could actually get a job in my field on the huge particle accelerator/fusion reactor that they're making in France (although I'd be working from Slovenia for a start), but I'm not that big on leaving Croatia, unless I've no other options.

    I'm on a 3+2 program, that's why. Not every college/university (I never know ) has the same model.

    If it's just anything connected to animals, surely there's plenty of research that could use someone who can analyze the data on a higher level than just statistics.

    I used to train handball for 8 years, but sadly had to stop due to other responsibilities. I sing (not professionally or anything), although I haven't been able to lately, for the same reasons.
    I'm also a heavy drinker (not in an alcoholic kind of way ), but that has been sacked for almost 2 months as well. Fucking exams.

    Not sure if I'd call it a hobby, but I'm working on robotic exoskeletons/prosthesis alongside my mandatory courses.

    As for chess, I do enjoy it, but I'm more suited for blitz games, because I have no formal education and my concentration is troublesome, to say the least. I'd love playing some games with you after my exams, although I know I'll be humiliated quite fabulously.

    What about yourself?
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    Yeah, that's one of the reasons why I picked my field (Automation and Control engineering). It's really awesome and it's versatile to the point that you can work in absolutely any field, doesn't matter if it's farming or controlling parts of a nuclear reactor.

    Might've worded that wrongly, I'm not officially an engineer yet. I'm getting my bachelor's in a month, which should be followed by master's in 2 years time.

    What kind of work are you aiming for?
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    My apologies, exams and all that.

    What parts of math do you like/dislike the most?

    I'm an engineer and we use high end math all the time and I have to say that my love for it hasn't really changed ever since I was a kid.
    The amount of things you can do with integrals/derivations and their applications is really amazing, although the same goes for a whole lot of other things. Transformations like Fourier's and Laplace's make life so much easier that it's not even funny.

    As for disliking...I don't like having to do massive integrals/matrices/3rd+ derivations and things like that on paper, but that's got more to do with the educational system than with math.
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    saw a page my fb friend liked so I thought I would check it out
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