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    Crispy, Allara, Ccrack, and all the degenerates of this forum have been permanently banned.

    So if you wing by here at some point, it's safe now
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    see you space cowboy

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    a booty pic for your absence
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    I agree Hiro was fantastic, by far the funniest part of the game was when he believed he had killed Sakura and failed so spectacularly and covering it up/framing Toko that it only took 5 minutes of the trial to figure him out.

    I agree it would be nice to flesh out the characters that got axed a little to quickly. Leon, Mondo, Taka, and Mukuro all come to mind. I'd be really interested to peer closer at the Ultimate Soldier because despite being part of the Ultimate despair seemed like a down to earth character in the minimal interactions the game lets you have and it's hard not to feel sympathetic at her fate. And it definitely felt sad that Taka's life got cut short right after his character was seemingly entering a new phase
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    Who are your favorite characters from the first game?
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    Yeah for me I think the setting for DR1 was just rife with potential and they fed you breadcrumbs at the end of each chapter so it really did a great job drawing you in.

    I do love me a good case so I'll be holding out for that one. I really enjoyed DR 1 although the cases in the latter half of the game weren't as strong from a solving/murder mystery perspective, in part due to how they're entwined with the plot. I love a real good mindfuck.

    I'll probably come back and check that out once I've had my breakfast, lunch and dinner with DR. After I beat 2 might host my own theme game as well.
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    I made a thread about it in the sotm

    Overall I like it quite a bit. I played Phoenix Wright some years ago and then put the series down, this scratches that itch, I feel this series is just of a better quality overall.

    The game is pretty dense dialogue wise so it's something I try to play a little bit at a time, maybe for an hour while sitting down and having coffee, but inevitably I'll just play a little bit longer until I beat two cases in a day and end up hating myself for it haha

    I'm currently on DR2 and I'm not feeling quite as into it off the bat as I was with the first game but I know there'll be some payoff so...gotta play that a little bit later before I forget what's going on
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    I want you to know I started Danganronpa
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    thats good to hear, my friend. everythings been pretty shit for me lately but things are looking up!!

    u fookin better!!
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    happy birthday man
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