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    lol, would it really be the first?

    to think it ends up being two people divided by an ocean
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    sounds about right. I haven't really been southern than naples myself, but north-centre / centre is the best for a tourist to take a trip to imo.

    you're gonna have fun, i'm sure
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    that's great, keep me updated then! You doing a north-south itinerary or will you visit mainly the centre?

    oh yeah, we were working to make it happen again last year but we ended up having too many obstacles and too little time to deal with them. I don't know if this year will be any easier, since the recent terrorist attacks in europe brought our gov to change a lot of laws about public events to the point they're nearly impossible to host with limited resources now. But i'll make sure to tell you if the situation changes.
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    oh but of course, your gf was italian right?

    they're all relatively close yeah, siena is nothing impossible to reach if it's something planned out. If you were to drop out in perugia town, i'd be able to come even on short notice if i'm free.
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    are you coming for my head, x?

    countryside near perugia, close to the trasimeno lake
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    Cool. And how's the camera?
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    What do you like about it most?
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    Yo X. You said you had that new Google Pixel phone, right? How are you liking it? I’d love to buy one, but they’re a Verizon exclusive.
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    Are you going to continue the HoF?
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