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    Hey man, how's it going?

    Checked out ToG?
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    Ι've been out of manga for like year. I'm not even up to date with OP, that's why you don't see me in the PH section. I'm gonna get back to OP and Kingdom. I don't bother with Berserk. It's not worth reading the chapters that he puts out every once and then when you're disconnected from the story. If he starts writing frequently and for a reasonable amount of time, I'll consider it. I dropped HXH like 4 years ago, I think.

    Have you read Kingdom btw? If you haven't, you should definitely give it a try. It's like a seinen OP to my eyes as far as the general spirit goes. It has the same feeling of adventure but more deaths and generally seinen stuff. It has consistent power levels, reasonable progressions, cool characters and interesting strategy and tactics.

    Those two aside, I wanna read some less mainstream manga that I had in mind to read some time ago. That includes Billy Bat from Urasawa and Eden: It's an Endless world by Endo.
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    It's good man.

    What series are you following currently?
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    It's just a copypasta. I was just trying to get your attention. So, what is up?
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    I totally meant to post that to your profile page.
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    Listen, I get that you're trying to just have the last word in here, and that's fine. After this, I'll let you have that. But I feel as if it's gotten to the point where I'm gonna have to write this eventual copypasta.

    You may seem like you want amusement, but with that amusement comes the attention that you crave so desperately. You do this around the forum, but I have noticed you do this with me the most. Even when I don't post quote you, you're just waiting to reply to the thread -- eager for a retort.

    I want to let you know it's not exactly healthy. I am someone who has done this for attention as well, maybe out of bordeom, and some a bit out of necessity. I was able to recognize when it was an issue, and therefore ended up going inactive for a little while.

    I think that you have an issue with speaking to anyone and especially someone who is of the opposite sex because of the lack of social skills. Either because of your upbringing or possible culture. But I do believe it has stunted you greatly.

    I know the last retort of this will probably be intelligence or weight related, but I need you to understand that there are better ways to get your "amusement" -- I know your initial reaction will be a laugh and not to take it seriously, but maybe revisit it after the fact and realize you might need some help.
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    i've been cutting down the time of forum chilling as well, i guess it's just natural with work and responsibilities adding one on top of the other, isn't it. And time is flowing so fast the older i get, that stopping to think about it it's no less than frightening

    yeah, things going particularly well i'd say, although nothing really surprising happened lately. This semester's uni courses are finally the things i signed up for 5 years ago (machine learning, AI development, cybersecurity, IOT), so i'm having fun, even with the tons of projects that have been due and will be due these months lol
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    hallooo pacpac, been a while hasn't it

    how's everything? Did you become a film director yet?
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    Sorry for the super late response, but yeah that last scene was cool! It's so weird to think that something so huge, destructive, and almost God-like is just a creature not very far removed from ourselves. Definitely, a surreal scene to watch. Anyways, since then I watched Shin Godzilla and I rewatched Godzilla (2014). In regards to the former, holy mother of Godzilla, that was glorious. You really didn't lie about the visuals; they were fantastic. When Godzilla first opens up his mouth to unleash his atomic breath and most of the city is blanketed in superheated gas had me completely wowed. Seeing the beams come from his back and tail was cool as well. There was something that really shocked me though amongst all the craziness and that was that Godzilla had forms! When I first saw the thumbnail of the movie, it showed Godzilla in his second form where he's still crawling and I thought it was another beast! I definitely thought it was cool how he was evolving throughout the movie and how they gave him a new origin. Also appreciated the gravity and importance they gave and treated the nuclear solution with. Finally, it was interesting seeing a movie that focused on the politics behind a crazy hypothetical situation such as this one. Pretty neat, honestly. Now moving on to Godzilla (2014) I actually liked it. Godzilla is obviously treated way differently than in the Japanese films and he isn't super prevalent throughout the film, but I still enjoyed it, to be honest. What did you honestly think of it? Also, how in the world is Kong supposed to fight him when Godzilla is 90000 tons and 350 feet when he's 158 tons and 108 feet
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    I watched Gojira (1954). I've never been a fan of older movies in all honesty, but I liked this one! The story was fairly simple while still being engaging. I liked how they alluded towards the fear and consequences the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki brought with them. I also dug how there was a certain dichotomy that existed between the older Zoologist who wanted to study Godzilla's resistance to radiation for future applications and the others who just wanted to kill him because of the huge threat he represented. I can see where the Zoologist was coming from - I mean look how destructive those bombs were - but at the same time, how would you go about subduing such a ferocious and hostile creature to effectively study that? Seems his fear clouded his judgement, or perhaps I misinterpreted him. Maybe it was also a certain compassion for the creature because of his occupation? At the same time look at what it did to the city in the latter half of the movie. Regardless, it was nice to see him not go down the crazy madman path. I really liked how the downfall of Godzilla was the "Oxygen Destroyer" device or whatever it was called lol. Was kinda campy, but I think that's why I liked it so much. Usually, I can't stand campiness, but I feel like it was done tastefully in this movie. Anyways, some of my thoughts haha. I don't consolidate short term memories very well, so there might be a bit off with that.
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