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    I see. Well, that's no big deal. We'll have to make due wiht what we have. Thanks for your readiness, anyway.
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    Hey, Pacifista. Me, PoPs, Tyrion and General Zu have launched a "project" that aims to improve PH as a section. It consists of a couple of points which we will implement(and currently are being implemented) in order to increase the quality of the section. We would really love to have a reasonable poster like you, helping us. Would you consider joining us?
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    They all think they're better than me

    I will show them all
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    Out of all the sagas in One Piece, which one would you say is the best?
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    Oh I see. Also checked your post in the thread. Your opinion is much appreciated. I know you're pretty busy so I can understand why you just check a few threads and go.
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    You don't check your VMs often do you...
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    Hey man. How have you been?

    I'd love to hear your opinion on this thread

    If you would share it with us it would be much appreciated.
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    What do you advisers do in the site basically?
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    i'm sure that one at least would be a job you'd love. But yeah, the way up there isn't paved in gold. I actually think directors start by working in other directors' staff. I think you might be able to have fun with that too.

    yeah, you got it perfectly. Thank you for putting that together for me pac.

    that's a poke for the argument of the other day, isn't it
    i don't know if what we gain with the advancement makes up for what we lose along the way. You see, certain books really made me realize that the growth of humanity isn't just progress and thought enhancement, but also coverup, misunderstanding, staining and twisting the past thinkers' concepts to adapt them to the course of events. It's kind of inevitable, it's not like i add an element of malice to it. I'm sure you can see it as well. So well, it's kinda hard for me to see it as evolution. More like mutation, really.
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    you're gonna be a film director whose movies deal with sociology-political themes, then?

    look, blood spilled doesn't really bother of itself. But i guess i dislike when blood/gore becomes an actual horror factor to detriment of the subtler horror factors i actually care to see. I probably explained it worse than a middle school student but i hope you got the gist of it.

    i'd say i genuinely enjoyed them because i already knew i'd have agreed with most of those concepts, since back then we used to study philosophy very thoroughly. So more than life changing books, i'd say the lessons were life changing, and then the books represented a sort of intellectual masturbation, spiraled upwards (because of course there's another layer of depth when you read the work written by the actual philosopher). That said, there's been one or two perspective changing books as well, not from philosopher, from contemporaneity interpreters of the ancient knowledge that are kind of sidelined and revolutionary of their own right, or at least i see them as such, cuz they flip the table of how academic philosophy is taught and learned and provide a completely different interpretations of those very same philosophers.
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