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  1. Pac, as an adviser, do you have any powers?
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    What difficulty is Sabo vs Fuji right now in your opinion?
  3. We haven't spoken in a while. How have things been?
  4. We haven't spoken in a while. How have things been?
  5. Have you watched Bate's Motel?
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    Yea, I still post there. It's still my main forum.

    It just sucks that you (And some others) are gone now. I grew up in the OL with you guys

    Well, we definitely have more scrubs, who like to force their bullshit on people, so there's that.

    But how's school? How long have you been in college? (Assuming you're talking about that)
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    Hey Pacifista. How's it going man.

    I see you're posts are still quality

    You completely done posting on NF or what?
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    I always feel like completing the games 100%, like getting all A-ranks in Sonic games, collecting all of the stars in Mario, or completing all challenges in Brawl, so I guess it would have felt weird to get that far into the game and not complete it.

    It's different now of days though. Someone I know gave me some games he never used, so now I've got a few games like Skyrim and Bayonetta sitting around unfinished, as well as games like WarioWare and Soul Caliber that haven't even been opened yet. I have the money for a Wii U, but I'm planning on getting it sometime during August, as that should give me enough time to try out the games I've acquired.

    My other consoles are an X-box 360, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and a Wii. I also have an X-Box and Nintendo Gamecube that don't see use anymore because of the backwards compatibility of the latter consoles. I used to have a Sega, Playstation, and Nintendo Entertainment System, but they're not around anymore.
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    Yeah, here's a video I found showing the wizard. He gets hit at 6:17 and it takes till 7:30 for him to find the nurse.
    Of course, the journey back takes even longer because you can't go through the floor on the way to the nurse as a shortcut but can't reach the ceiling on the return journey. Also, if you notice how much of a labyrinth the dungeon is, it makes it insanely hard to find the nurse if you don't already know where to go. To top it all off, this guy is only in the first dungeon where the path to the nurse is shorter, the enemies aren't as numerous, and the eggplant wizards are placed more conveniently.

    The worst part of the game is the room at 3:40 in this video.
    Not only are there eggplants flying at you the moment you enter, but there's also the pink things that dump four snakes on you to drain your health, serves as a distraction, and block the arrows aimed at the wizards, while your trying to squeeze through the smallest of gaps in order to just get past the first two eggplants. To top it all off, the wizards take a few shots to take down, the bottom one is in an area where you can't hit him, and you have to walk directly over him while he's throwing eggplants up in an arc. For something that looks so unassuming and basic, it's a nightmare.

    Speaking of something unassuming and basic being a nightmare, that Animal Crossing story was legitimately chilling. I feel the main reason it was so creepy is that it seems to just start off as a comedic story of the Villager being caught up in a pawn in the dirtbag Tom Nook's con, so when it suddenly turns into some sadistic human slaughterhouse story out of nowhere then it's a bit jarring to say the least.
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    The new Kid Icarus is only for 3DS I believe, but I have heard good things about it, and it was made by the person who makes Smash Brothers so that's probably why the demand for Palutena and her inclusion in the game came from. As far as Kid Icarus goes, the first area is the hardest and the last level is the easiest for some reason. The first annoying enemy are these squid things that attack in groups of about five follow you throughout the level and respawn nealy instantly. later levels have thiefs that lunge out of nowhere and steal your power ups making you have to either earn them again or fork over hundreds of your currency , but by far the worst of all are the eggplant wizards. The eggplant wizards aren't a one hit K.O., but they render your character completely useless and force you to find a doctors office which is usually far out of the way at the other end of the labyrinth maze of a dungeon your character is in, then you have to find a spa because you've likely lost most of your health from being unable to defend yourself. Unfortunately, these guys respawn whenever you re-enter a room, are placed in extremely inconvenient locations, and often times you won't even have time to react as they lob them the second you enter the room. I can probably say they're the most frustrating enemy I've come across in a video game, I remember one time I had to give up after getting eggplanted about 23 times in the same dungeon.

    I hear they reappear in the 3DS version but there transformation works on a timer now, which sounds like a huge improvement.
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