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    B man, dude just say no to any girl online, you know they got issues. It sucks because you can't even really be friends with them because most of them manipulate and use people.

    I can't really talk tho, I use to spend a lot of time on the internet caring about what people thought of me. Shit even IRL I was always trying to outshine people and make sure everyone knew I existed.

    Still 98% of me being an asshole is just because it's fun, not because I hate someone, and I feel like "cake" was the other way around. She was 98% a bitch who hid behind a wall of sadboi's on the internet with fake nicety as her personality.

    Dude you remember big ol tits Tsukki on OC? The one Sin had a crush on, bro, now that's a real story about a black widow if I've ever heard one. I'll need to tell it to you sometime.
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    Some would say it's in my DNA, hah GODDEM

    kill me
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    You should check them out, I think you would like them since you like CC.

    DUDE thank you for reminding me. I actually was planning on binging that. I think I had watched around 6 episodes and then had to go out of town and never picked it up because busy.

    I really enjoyed how dark it was. Lot's of science in it too, like how the belters could be tortured by earth's gravity, people going crazy in space and stomping in dirt to remind them of earth. Shit's intense, going to pick it up after I finish this 3rd season of animal kingdom.
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    Crazy that the first girl from CC stated that he molested and pretty much raped her, still like the music tho. You know, even with the cuddle struggle involved.

    Yeah man I've been there, homeless for around 3-4 months. Still I just work, smoke weed, hang out, smoke more weed, music, video games (Ps4) and acid or shrooms here and there. You ever listen to

    Sleep Party People - I'm Not Human At All

    Clams Casino (Any song)

    Chrome Sparks


    Yeah a few for me too actually. Preacher, Legion, American Gods, West World, Handsmaid's tale. Been a decent year for tv shows really. Avengers and Deadpool 2 was pretty cool, but I feel like Venom and the next Spawn coming out by Blumhouse is going to be sick af.
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    Man that's good to hear bro, Education is important. You still living in Finland? So I guess free education right? That's kinda what made me flop on it over here in the states, debt is a bitch.

    Heard Finland was taking steps towards basic income for citizens in some area's. I wish I lived there man. Anywhere but this late stage capitalist corrupted cess pool that is now america.

    Nah, never really amoral, just thought I was a cool kid. Hadn't experienced life. I think all teens have that natural angst that makes them grade A assholes. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy rustling someones jimmies every once and then.

    Went from Satanic, to Buddhist

    Went from someone who hated everyone into someone who loved people for their flaws and just wanted to see people grow and evolve as human beings.

    Let's just say I went through life and came out with a better mature understanding. Still a kid at heart but learned that money, power, all the fancy shit modern society teaches us to want or have doesn't really matter. We all write our own stories, and it's up to us to live life so that we are content in the end. We all die in the end so it won't matter if I have 1 million, or 0 in my bank account, won't matter how many friends I have, but the quality of friends and experiences I have throughout my life.

    But yeah, I'm sure you've matured over the years man, it's been a long while. I'm 25 now man, 1 quarter of a century. I feel old. Not too old tho, god dude. Before I started smoking weed I was a PoS.

    You into any games, movies, bands recently?
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    VICE! How's life man, you finish college yet or still grinding away at a degree?
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    I'm now a UFO researcher as of July 4th 2016
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    lol is this from an anime?
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    i like the aesthetic of ur set
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    I actually saw the first 8 or so episodes about a year ago when I was trying to get into it.

    I didnt really see where all the hype for the show was.

    Why do you think its perfect for me??
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