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    Never had a true distane for series like Naruto, until today. OMG hxh has raised by expectations even further, only series to have done that is op and berserk, woooooow, can't tolerate it anymore. I mean lol, I felt nothing but it being bland, my god!
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    And I've just caught up with hxh anime, wooooow amazing series man, will keep me hype every week.

    I'll watch kingdom again in a week or so, need to get this hxh hype a bit down xD It truly is deserving of my top 3 behind berserk and one piece.

    This scene was funny af when i first saw it

    Nigga straight up shoots her like a goon, any other series she would have survived, man hxh is a deadly series.
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    yup episode 87
    2.One Piece
    3.Hunter X Hunter

    Hxh just surpassed jojo and toriko for me.
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    Yo I was expecting the mom to be eaten by the queen ant while the kids were away, but nope it was the kids Damn, and it's kinda obvious that the king is meruem, he seems somewhat human like too. To bad i heard the mid ant arc is boring, oh well I'll see it for myself.
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    also that nigga the bomber was legit, i liked him, reminded me of kira.
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    Yoooooo, im on episode 76 of hxh, man greed island arc was a great arc, I've been watching nothing but hxh past few days DAMNNNNN Yo hxh may surpass Toriko for me, and I believe that this is the first episode of the chimara or w/e ant arc that you mentioned before on skype since an ant was shot just now lmao (watching 76 now) and also I see Meruem in the opening.
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    I see, well hopefully he gets active foreal.

    And naw, not rly. I visit like once every 3 -4 weeks, so i've visited like 3 or 4 times since we quit, i would still be active there, but the damn thing is dead af.

    Lel, I need to watch the episodes man, just watched episode 1.
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    Lol well atleast he is back, did he leave on a hype moment?

    Yea, I told everyone on opb that you're going to be back and better than ever

    LOOOOOOOL, he still hasn't become someone after all this time? Man you had fans son.
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    Yea I heard that hxh would be back, and yea hence why i'll never read the manga tho rly is Togashi going to be monthly or what? If it's atleast monthly and i get rly hooked on hxh inshallah, I will read the manga, if it's unpredictable like Berserk than naw.

    If there is a hell I shall see you there lmao, Nice sig worthy quote. I see you erased it, but dw man, you already spoiled me on skype a while back abt his death
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    My nigga coco back btw, amazing toriko and also op chapters
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