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  1. Can you uplift the ban from the chatbox? Ultra said he would do so but he disappeared again. Whips me into shape.
  2. "Tell GP he's a gimp ass bitch for me"

    - Ccrack
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    Give me an emoji, everyone else have it and I'm an old enough member to deserve one. Look at my pm, you can call it
  4. ��
  5. Name change has been requested
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    Have you ever had a different set than the one you're using right now?
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    Took some of your advice. Think it might've worked out.
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    Don’t forget to eat a health mix of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.
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    I expected so much worse.

    The music I was torn on. I enjoy music in videos and I wanted something upbeat since it makes for easier listening, but I was torn on its volume because I really just had no clue how loud it needed to be. Felt too soft at one level, too high at another, and ultimately it just got left the way it was in hopes it would cover any sort of background noise.

    That third video was rough. Funnily enough, only the first video was done in one long ramble. The second one had me breaking them up by comic, and the third video had me breaking it up every couple paragraphs. Unfortunately for the third I was up against the wall I wanted to release on and since I promised myself I'd leave some of the blemishes in there more mistakes were made than I wanted. Honestly the voicing in the third video has me disliking it since most of it is blind reading.

    Yeah, the context and amount had me sort of confused how I wanted it. I wanted to talk some about it but not too much. In the end I put too little on Batman and too much with Shadowcat simply because Rogue and Gambit got put in there. I also knew that the Spider-Man section was going to be massive and I wanted to keep my video under ten minutes. If I could do it again and I started like a month earlier I would've condensed the first two videos into shorter blurbs in one video, have one video detailing what I hated, and one video detailing what I loved. I sort of wanted to do it "Rant" style, but in the end I shrunk back and rewrote it to fit the time.

    Thanks for the input.
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