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    Just a concept completely wasted.
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    The most interesting part was how they felt the needed TFX to combat things like Superman and how other nations were going to be doing this soon anyway. Then they made sure their most powerful guy just breathes out fire. The one thing Superman walks out of when buildings are blown up with him inside them.

    Harley was a cringe. Even the parts that were meant to make her seem insane were just dull and flat on delivery. The part about the voices in her head? Gag me.

    Deadshot was... I guess there? He had a lot of screen time, but little to offer. His only depth was, "Man with daughter who shoots well." That was all his character had. He was completely defined by his kid. No real personal motivations or moral beliefs. Just a guy. That would have been fine for a man like Rick Flagg, but not for Deadshot. I also found it hilarious he was telling his daughter about how she should live with him and how he's gotten his life all straightened out like he just got out of prison and not like he was one of the highest paid assassins of all time.
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    The dreaming part is what I was thinking most when I was talking about wasted.

    If you took the Joker subplot out of the movie it would not have changed the movie at all. In fact, by taking his part out and having him come in at the very end as he did would have had a much bigger impact.

    Really, the movie was about Harley and Deadshot. It was a complete waste. Enchantress? Just such an odd thing. Like I get the idea that not all members of the Suicide Squad would follow orders and you'll get a rebel here and there, but it was so weird to have them make a nonsensical generic, "Going to destroy the world" villain who has tremendous magical power but for some reason decides to downgrade herself and go hand to hand.

    Boomerang was just a complete waste. Katana being removed would have made zero different to the movie other than to remove confusion. Would have been nice to see Killer Croc act like the animal/monster they were talking about him being. I have zero clue how they thought a crazy woman with a six shooter and a baseball bat was somehow more effective than any other member.

    Just all around a bad move.
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    Yeah. Since the movie was trying for a comedy/action route, they sort of fell on their face by failing to use him better.

    In fact, a lot of the team was completely wasted.
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    What did you think of Ezra's Flash look?
  6. Patatina.
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    Thanks, this helped a lot. Looks like before I get my hands dirty I'll need to change the hosting to I have official/proper access to cPenel.
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    I need a detailed list of all the current issues. I have a general idea and people have tried to help but I' rather have everything put together in an easy to understand, organized fashion.

    I'd do it myself but I'm pretty booked.
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    I have a job for you if you have the time.
  10. Evil potatoe.
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