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    Yo, as fun as that was, Crispy wants his former avatar back on.

    Just letting you know.
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    I haven't been able to check each new user one by one lately.
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    I figured you were going to be a little annoyed at the "Marvel Method of Movie Making" concerning humor, but it felt more like the humor was backfiring on Strange like you said. That I enjoyed. "Did they work for you?" when Strange said people used to laugh at him was really on point. The Cloak of Levitation was brilliantly played and pulled straight from The Oath, and a few other scenes were as well.

    I did like the play of the action sequences. It wasn't just things go boom or crumble to nothing. The entire environment was played with back and forth to great comedic and action effect. Though I did find some of the over saturation of CGI sometimes blocked the action sequences for me. Maybe if they pulled back the camera a little bit, though I guess that would take away the intensity. But either way, they were still pretty fun and fresh looking and well handled.

    Dormammu? Yeah. I was a bit disappointed with how he was just some ripple effect who was easily annoyed. I was hoping for Faltine wreathes of flame with an ego the size of a universe. But I will say I really enjoyed how the end fight really showed the growth of Strange. Still confident in his skill, still utilizing his intelligence, but he didn't have the need to fight something head on and defeat it at their own game. He was willing to look beyond his own pride and utilize his gifts in a much better way I felt.
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    I figured you were going to have some issues with the humor aspect of the movie.

    But yeah, my girlfriend rolled her eyes when Staff of the Living Tribunal came up and I was like, "The Big LT? You know who he is, right? What's his name doing with a staff?" Then I was a little underwhelmed when it did jack all to Strange's half ass magic strings.

    You got that Ditko feel to it too, eh? Yeah, some of what we saw felt like the old 60's brought forward.
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    I read your thread on Thriller Bark, and it makes me want to go back and rewatch/reread it to see if my opinions on it changed at all.

    Which would you say is the better experience? To watch or to read it?
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    Surprised myself too
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    Shokugeki no Souma is amazing
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    I figure the only series which has that sort of potential would be Iron Fist.

    Maybe Punisher.
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    I got super lucky and won some advance screening tickets last night. Granted I had to work my hindquarters off, but the Vishanti were with me on it.

    You know... I've heard that from a couple other people. I think I'm going to give the Netflix Luke Cage a shot. I know you had some misgivings regarding the villains, but I've heard it's still not bad.
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    I think you'll enjoy the Doctor Strange film.
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