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    To be fair I enjoyed Fate's New 52 look. His costume always felt a bit plain compared to other magic users in DC, so some of the embellishments (and correcting the flat gold metal underwear) was a welcome touch. Made him seem arcane without making it way too busy.
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    90's variations and their problems?

    Variations which I felt might improve on a character? Rarely. Most of them are attempts to make the heroic ones look more "edgy" or "gritty."
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    It reminds of of horrendous fanart from the 90's.

    A design is a huge part of a character. I enjoy me some variations here and there, but I usually dislike something which rips them away from the character.

    Also, Gee Wun 4 LYFE!!
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    Spider-Man? Aside from the forty angles he's got going on which completely throws out the streamlined and heroic look? It straight up looks like he got some sort of Power Rangers armor theme going on. Them legs are identical to Carnage's almost like it's meant to be some sort of symbiote (which I assume it is, given the black Venom look going on), in which case the whole "uniform armor" look doesn't fit Spider-Man at all and should either be more erratic or smooth.

    PAK are redesigns made by the Final Fantasy team. Which usually means a whole lot of too much overdesign or far too much exaggeration. Scope out their Batman.

    Their Hawkman is just as bad
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    God that Spider-Man is awful.

    Conflicted about Carnage.

    Iron Man? Surprisingly enjoyable. Probably because it reminds me some of a blend between his Extremis armor and a prototype that would lead to it, despite the fact it had no prototype. Unfortunately the hands are all wrong and it feels overdesigned, especially in the helmet.
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    I edited my last post to answer this VM, you can check it.
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    anyway Void, seems like me vs Felix game is in a stalemate since as usual, Felix didn't really specify if he want the generals to attack or defend while my troops are told to go defensive

    we should have taken the double DQ instead :|
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    Kyuugen is behind that rock, not in the forest. Look at where Nord has drawn the walls. That means that he can not fire at anyone before they leave the forest, which my unit is told not to do.

    Also, you can read through my walls of text and ressurect Ouhon and co. Makeshift walls and ballistas will not decimate my army until you give ma canon manga proof of ballistas being capable of doing that. They have done nothing but latched onto walls.
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    I made a battle sequence for the first 3 stages, up until the moment that the fights break out(check page 2).
    I thought that I was supposed to wait for the opinions of others before defending my case, but Nord started already.
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    Not much tbh. The one thing I hated the most out of Kuroko was blatant disregard of the game so much it didn't resemble basketball anymore.
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