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    Come back!
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    Goddamnit mate, our corridors of interaction always so fleeting!

    NF just underwent a site upgrade from Vbulliten to Xenforo yesterday and it's utter madness for the time being, but otherwise not THAT much has changed since our last talk.

    Oh, except for a little nugget of information. Just a speck, really.



    It would appear your typed words inspired the mind, spirit and heart of old Togashi and spurned him on to further endeavour to complete this legitimate odyssey of a manga.

    And the ongoing plot is smart and intriguing, so classic HxH is currently in session.

    But even with all of this wonderful news, this bounty of creative vigour... was just so unexpected, Cable. None among our number could have predicted its arrival in a thousand years, even with all of the newfound and cautious anticipation of HxH's return...

    ...but. It happened. It finally happened.


    I wept. I laughed.
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    Yeah.... Screw Attack's had a pretty shit record like that. I get where you're coming from entirely though regardless

    Who said anything about caring about "winning"? I just want to see fuckers thinking. Thought on their part generally appears to be an underused utility, hence the migraines~

    This is true And in terms of pseudo physics, yeah, we're still alive. Debate on character vs character is dead as anything can be though. When you've reduced debate to a generalized numbers game, that tends to happen *shrugs*. Will admit, it is pretty cool to see what fuckers are willing to puzzle out to determine how impressive this kind of shit is even now. Wouldn't say you need a degree for most of it though. You're more than smart enough to pick up any of the shit we do dude.

    Well, glad that's been answered then

    Haven't played it yet. Heard good things about it from various sources though. Might get around to trying it out sooner rather than later despite my ever growing backlog...
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    The UBD will always be within my eye and reach
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    I know

    A circlejerk I'll try and prevent.
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    Naw, Rax is gone, fyi btw.

    He's banned from the UBD, indefinite. Probably gonna be a long long time if not perm.
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    sorted it out and got the threads unlocked, shouldn't happen again.
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    You know, I'm not really sure. I'm not going to say I didn't drastically change, but I just can't think of anything off the top of my head. I do think I'm more confident and mature, but if I look back on how I used to act I'm not sure if I was ever immature. I mean yeah, we all become more sophisticated naturally and I'm not gonna say I never acted like a kid but I just felt I was always mature for my age. So self awareness, confidence, maturity and experience.

    I agree. But see, in terms of dating you're only in a relationship with the girl. When it comes to marriage? You're in a relationship with the entire family. So it can be a potential issue if it escalates there.

    I wouldn't say she's strict, haha. More just overly paranoid, judgmental and ignorant. She does call people when she feels they're out of line, but other times it's just her weirdness.

    Age gaps don't make as much of a difference at that point, yeah. And no I don't. Her parents suggested we do something like that, but I was too shy at the time to oblige. I do have others way of getting in contact with her, though.
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    How do you think you've changed most from those days?

    Eh, it may be rare but I don't think it's as uncommon as some people think. I hope I at least tolerate my potential girlfriend's family if we meet. I personally really like my sister's boyfriend and his parents and it's pretty much mutual.

    Well that's the problem. I'm not gonna say I'm a mama's boy, but my mom and I sort of have a complicated relationship. You might think it's sort of typical based on how I'd describe it (arguments and love), but she can be really abusive, either physically, verbally, or even both. She did chase my cousin out of the house at one point, so I'm worried of the potential implications if things go sour. (I am the only male child, and the last one.)

    I met this one really attractive girl when I visited my uncle in Las Vegas. Very, very beautiful. She's apparently a bookworm and does well in school. She's the latest apple of my eye, though things are complicated cause of the age gap (she's a junior in high school, I'm a sophomore in college), and the distance thing. I did say relationships are draining and I'm not interested in one, but I would like things to spark up with her. It's kind of hard to not put your eggs in one basket but I gotta try.
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