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  1. Ive read the first 3 chapters so far, its been kinda slow since a lot of it is stuff ive read but remembering
  2. We kind of already can do it, the internet isnt a much different concept obviously its no where near as good as what the terrisman have but eh
  3. Cool I legit didnt even know there where 6 when I started reading it lol
  4. Oh yeah thats right, I think that was one of the things I liked about Elend in that he seemed really patient and willing to listen to opinions even though a lot of people did sort of despise him because of his birthright after the rebellion

    Will do man, im reading it rn in fact any time something big comes up ill vm you
  5. Yeah I agree Elend was probably their best bet, I think he was the only one in a position to placate the nobles with his birthright was important as mediator to unite them and the Skaa. I mean what I really would have liked to have happened is for them to have set up a council of leaders or something and go from there, but I dont think the nobles would have been placated by anyone who wasnt a noble.

    Like I agree with you, I dont think there was much he could do in his position but I just always had the impression his ideas about helping the skaa where half baked and whimsical. I mean I dont expect a great deal from a noble kid but I wanted something more than what we got. Perhaps I am a little pre mature in judging him though, since the first book was all about Kelsier and Vin, im interested to see how he handles the rebellion his father is staging on him though as I go through the book.

    I think Kelsier would be a good war time leader (like in the immediate present of book 2), but he wouldnt be good in the long run of brokering peace and creating equality between the nobles and the skaa which is ultimately what the long term aim of the rebellion should have been. Like I said though ideally I would have like to have seen a council put in place, but meh I think thats just me being nit picky about it
  6. Yeah I hear you, I think the only book I read in a day was the last Harry Potter one and thats just because of how obsessed I was with that series when I was a kid

    I mean I never wanted him to be the finished product when he was first introduced, but I was always kinda mad he got made the new king after the lord ruler died. I was like, it doesnt matter how good your intentions are the nobles have literally been merciless oppressing the skag for god knows how long and you never really did anything to help them besides hold psuedo intellectuals discussions with other noble kids where you dabbled in the idea that they werent your lessers without actually acting on any of your ideas. I was real mad when Kelsier died and his replacement for ruler was him, this lol shit kid who hasnt gotten much experience outside of fancy living
  7. Fuckin Christ man, how quick do you read it took me like three weeks just to read the first book

    Yeah Elend, I always sided with Kelsier I never really liked him in the first book and I thought he became a bit too lovey dovey at the start of the second. I dunno it was hard for me to warm to him like I did the others, he just seemed like a smooth talker who was rich I kinda wanted Vin to be with someone more impressive
  8. Ive started rereading it from the start of the second book now to remind me of everything that happened, I missed he fight system in this. I also forgot how annoying the prince was lol
  9. Is it better than the first book?
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