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  1. trung tâm đào tạo kế toán dịch vụ thành lập công ty trọn gói tư vấn luật dịch vụ kế toán rong ḷng.
    Buổi nói chuyện này cũng có thể là kinh nghiệm, đối với một tên ngốc mới xuất đạo như hắn mà nói th́ kinh nghiệm này đúng là một bảo tàng quư giá.
    "Đúng rồi, Huyên Huyên, ta c̣n mấy câu muốn hỏi ngươi".
    Huyên Huyên nói: "Tiểu tử nhà ngươi cũng có nhiều chuyện quá há, thật chịu ngươi luôn, c̣n có ǵ muốn hỏi đây?"
    "Ngươi trước hết phải phát thệ, không được nổi giận, không được đánh ta".
    Huyên Huyên rất hiếu kỳ, rốt cuộc là chuyện ǵ mà cần phải làm như thế chứ. Liền nói: "Được, ta thề không nổi giận, không đánh ngươi".
    "Huyên Huyên, ngươi không phải là yêu quái chứ?"
    "Cái ǵ?
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    Congrats on graduating High School. What are you planning on taking first year?

    V was something I decided on, Came from the movie V for Vendetta which I saw before making the name change.

    I enjoyed the flashback a lot, but thats it. This whole arc is really missing something and doesn't have that same feel to it. We just had the SH's reunited after 2 years and now they are split up again. Small things here and there were disappointing as well but thats it. How are you enjoying it?
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    Sup man its been too long, the name change must have got you a little lol.

    Nothing much has changed I guess. What about you?
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    For calling some guy an idiot. I've lost all hope for NF.
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    I decided to go with Genesis for not much of a reason really, I just enjoyed Final Fantasy when I was younger and he was a good character.

    I used the Gin avatar because it looked good, nothing much to it.
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    Guess it would be Franky, he looks like he upgraded quite a lot.

    How about you?
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    Im not to fond of unrestricted matches because people just overhype/underrate characters.

    Summer will be good time, by then we should have a grasp at what the SH's and others can do. It will be a pain though since we basically have to make a new tier list.

    Its inactive but thats the DB, im a little surprised that its really this bad despite OP being a rather popular manga.
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    Yea this unrestricted tourney is probably the worst case so far. Im just sticking around so I can try out Post TS characters in the future.
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    Sup man, glad to see you joined here.
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