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  1. I'm pretty sure everyone was team Damon they even ended up together irl for a few years.

    You should've kept watching spoiler alert the wedding doesn't happen and Lana finds out who Clark is
  2. I watched a lot of CW series like Supernatural, Smallville, etc growing up. All the greats too of friends, how I met your mother, the office, shameless, american horror stories.
  3. First picture is me stabbing a kid, my neice.

    The roles are reversed so you're the best man I'm a guy and the groom so it makes sense for me to choose the best man. Baby daddy is just the lucky girl who gets to impregnate me. She's still the bride and has to choose the maid of honor who will be one of the guys since all the girls are on my side wearing suits

  4. This is how the lobster hors d' oeuvre looks btw. It's poached lobster with vegetable macedonia

  5. Theme is red and white. Red which symbolized passionate love, seduction,violence, danger, anger, and adventure. White which symbolizes good, innocence, purity, virginity, and perfection. I will be red and my baby daddy is white, in a perfect scenario it'd be Zemmi.

    The food served will be an array of lobster hors d' oeuvre with a white sauce, main dish will be medium-rare steak paired with white wine, and for dessert a red velvet cake and small white truffles and milk.

    Gay will give a toast that goes like this:

    Ladies and Gentleman may I have your attention please will the real OG please stand up? I repeat, will the real OG please stand up? We're gonna have a problem here.. Then I walk in and start rapping Eminem "Y'all act like you've never seen a white person before Jaws all on the floor like Pam and Tommy just bust in the door" *reference to most people on the site being black* (This is more of a meme and doesn't need to happen just a fun thought)

    You can be my best man and sport a burgundy suit. The roles will be reversed btw the men will wear white and be with the groom (my baby daddy) they will wear dresses since they're all gay and traps anyways except for Dofla he wears a white kilt because he's scottish. The women will be with me and wear red suits.
  6. Give me a few minutes, rn I'm stabbing kids with knives
  7. It is and it sucks imo

    Zemmi obviously
  8. Yes priority is to make sure we have enough seats for the hoodlums first!

    Idk about Obey the brands mediocre to me but I like the rest.

    BTW if we're really doing this then oh boy I should've picked a better baby daddy
  9. Though princess sounds nice I'd rather the theme be gangster since I did grow up in the hood and with the birth of a new generation I think I need to go back to my roots. As for invitations I don't want anyone to miss out invite everyone.
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