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    im glad u think so

    yay ill try and make my next game fun as well
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    tyyy im trying my best lol but its a bit harder than i thought welp

    u should join if i ever host again
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    How is life
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  5. "answer I'd flip"

    Guess we live in different times you and I. If I want to hang out with my friends I just do it no matter the gender when I'm in a relationship. If my girlfriend's jealous I just text her where I'm at and call her to keep her updated. If she says she doesn't like this friend or that friend then sorry darling but find yourself another man because I'm not going to start cutting people out of my life for any one person, my friends are pretty damn important to me. I don't get jealous if my girl does the same because jealousy is something only ugly people have to worry about and last time I checked I wasn't so.

    I treat my girls with freedom they're free-range like foster farm chickens bitch
  6. It's a burn on you and anyone else searching up the definition really
  7. Well I'm not trying to watch a series alone I could just ask one of my real life friends or maybe my sister to come hang out and watch it with me but I want to know people more on this forum, some people seem cool and interesting but that's as far as it goes usually.

    Try and ask him if he trusts you and is okay with watching the series with me. Atleast make the effort and if your boyfriend doesn't approve of calls we can use a text app like Instagram or WhatsApp instead.
  8. Fuck your bae I'm not watching a series alone that's for losers

    Idk about a watch log thread something where its texts where I can just spam with quick responses is better. Imo
  9. No I mean Stefan was a third wheel for the Elena X Damon fandom. I always shipped those two way more and saw Stefan as an obstacle grrr

    I dropped the series too but mostly because it took up too much time . I never got the chance to see pretty little liars, high school girls ruined it for me.

    So what's up you want to watch gossip girl together?
  10. Stefan was too much of a third wheel

    I don't remember gossip girl only watched bits when I was like 8, "*whispering* And who am I? Thats a secret I'll never tell. You know you love me -xoxo... gossip girl"

    No they were never meant to end up together, Lois lane is the one Clark ends up with in the movies, comics, and the show. They're more compatible despite the chemistry between Lana and Clark's actors.

    I'd offer to watch the series with you but it's got 10 seasons x.x

    I'll watch gossip girl with you though since I've never seen it.
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