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    So then, the theory would only be supporting evidence if X had shown other behavior that might be considered scum indicative, not the foundation for why X is scum, since in the end it's indirect evidence versus direct evidence, like being returned guilty to a cop. Potential secondary purpose would be to see who scummates are and if they've already flipped, using that theory to help substantiate the tinfoil-y case?

    You mean use that little seed of doubt as a sort of filter to eliminate bias? I think I understand the distinction you're making here, though I'm having to think about it a bit. I'm not a huge fan of using someone's metagame to argue one way or another, though ironically enough I end up relying on them more than not because I'm pretty ignorant about a lot of things in this game.

    And okay, so looking for a consistent pattern versus isolated instances here and there. Actually think I remember someone a good while back telling me not to look too far into NKs since that can open up a big can of worms (might have been you tbh).

    Anyway, thanks for helping me out here. Just kinda tired of sucking at this game. Juan said I was apathetic this game, but I really wasn't lol
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    It makes sense. I usually have a bunch of tinfoil theories rolling around in my head when I play, though I tend to keep them to myself because they're hard to defend and I generally don't have the fortitude to withstand being berated for defending them. Was specifically thinking about how to go about them on TMF just because the community here is so small. Metagames have the potential to become well known and it almost feels like it would be easy for a player to pull some weird maneuver to catch people off guard.

    Like, take X being silenced for example. Now, I know Ava was a traitor so they weren't in communication, but what if they were and they chose to silence X because they could play the angle that X would never allow himself to be silenced. If one was to posit that theory, it'd be pretty easy to ridicule him for it granted one's understanding of X's meta (as White did). But suppose that were the case. How would you know whether to support that as a sufficient explanation for the actions that occurred (in this case, X being silenced)? Would you look at the interactions of both players throughout the game to try and justify that theory?

    Another thing is, how important is looking at the night kill for gauging who might be scum? I know a few of us saw Fab being killed N1 and assumed that scum must be more inexperienced players, but that wasn't the case in any capacity.

    Ehhh, apologies for the book
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    Is there ever a time to trust tinfoil theories in Mafia?
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    Well the crowd was dead by the end anyway.

    A good show but it didn't seem like there were any instant classic matches :/
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    Came back just to bury Elias
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    It's not a Shane match without jumping off a large structure lol

    More importantly KOFIMANIA IS RUNNIN WILD
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    There's always some weird matches at Mania, I guarantee at least one match tonight will be shorter than that one lol

    Hoping that Undertaker will make an appearance but it's looking unlikely.
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    Man I'm jealous, can't get any of my friends into wrestling

    The crowd'll explode when Kofi wins, just you wait. And the triple threat will probably be the match of the night
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    Did you say WrestleMania?

    I think you mean KOFIMANIA
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