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    Hope you're doing well
  2. How are you at systems programming, C on ubuntu/linux
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    ;-; I need you to answer the quiz so I can confirm your sign up and sort you into your faction
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    ya so there are two problems with this post

    the first is that i'm not yamamoto

    if you knew how to read this would be obvious to you but i guess you don't

    the second is that me "failing to explain anything" or "taking attention for no reason" is NOT MY FAULT you dumbfuck

    it's entirely YOUR FAULT for being a terrible player and somehow coming to the conclusion that i'm mafia in the first place

    like i can't even tell if this is supposed to just be an insult or your actual reason for thinking that i'm mafia

    if it's an insult then it would probably work better if you used things that have actually happened in this game to insult me with

    if you think i'm mafia because of what you wrote, then fucking lol and it's no wonder why you're so garbage

    like what are you even trying to say in this post lol

    "no read lead to any gain whatsoever"

    i mean i don't even know what i'm supposed to say in response to this

    like what does it even mean

    if you're trying to say i had no correct reads this game you're just wrong lol. and EVEN if you were right, this doesn't even make me mafia. like do you think it's realistic that when i'm mafia i'm going to be 100% wrong on purpose (given that i'm mafia and i have information), every post that i make for the entire game? is that what normally happens when people are mafia? is that what normally happens when i'm mafia?

    and i mean if you're trying to say that i didn't push my correct reads hard enough then you're still 1) completely ignoring townreads, which make up pretty much the majority of my play or effort in games, and 2) you can pretty much say the same thing about everyone else except tiger since he was the only one to actually lead an eod wagon on mafia

    "no "case" turned out to benefit town"

    i have never cased a single player in this game at any time during this game. wtf is this

    "no lynch you have been part of was pro-town"

    i mean neither of the lynches i was a part of were my preferred lynches

    on day 1 i said the wagon behaviour made it pretty unlikely that x would ever flip mafia, i said that several times, but in the end i was forced to vote for him because the alternatives were myself, a claimed doctor, and a claimed neighbour. like attempting to put blame on me for that lynch is fucking hilarious. if anything, me voting is there is still pro-town from my pov since i'm voting someone who i think is town over someone i know is town and two people are very likely town (and were actually town)

    and it was a similar thing on day 2, tom wasn't my preferred lynch

    "you have done absolutely nothing of value this entire game"

    like define what it means to do something of value

    i've posted 500+ times, i have had mostly correct reads, and i have made it extremely fucking obvious that i'm town

    what else am i supposed to do lol

    i mean on the other hand, you've spent this entire game going after me and also going after owner for a bit, it's pretty likely that neither of us are mafia, i guess you've done nothing of worth in this game either? like lol

    i mean what would you expect my play to be like if i was town? would it be the exact same as how i've played every other time i've been town the past 10 games i've played, or would it be this ridiculous standard that you've set me to that's made you read me incorrectly on every single one of those past 10 games yet you still keep doing it

    like holy shit dude please get good

    btw you can call me a cunt all you want but you have no idea how annoying it is deal with you being this bad every single fucking game
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