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    Hi Ascot, would you be so kind to vote me for worst member?
    I need your help, thank you in advance.
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    season 1 is complete.( potential spoilers) it reached the point where Mahmut has been re elevated back to pasha of chielo province after defeating the empires army. (the bald generals army that is)
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    . imagine i hardly read them coz the anime does sufficient justice for me. btw did u manage to watch them
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    Sorry for late reply

    Yeah basically same as magic you only have so mana you can use some cards let you play around it but they're uncommon

    Yeah lv 1 is always 1 core and lv 2 could be 2, 3 or even 4 cores depending how powerful it is
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    if your life gets to 0 you lose cores cannot be put into the life except with cards that allow you to

    It is the basics can be learned but getting a full grasp usually requires playing

    There's 6 colors of cards each having a few Unique playstyle

    Purple, red, white, Green, blue and yellow

    one of purples playstyles for example is core removing from monsters so they get destroyed cause they need at least 1 core on them
    one of Green playstyles is core boosting by destroying cards or effect when attacking

    You can run out every turn yeah you don't lose though you just have very few options as everything has a cost so having no cores means you can't use magic
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    The closest thing would be mana in Magic and they also count as life

    An example would be I have 4 cores in my reserve to use i have 2 monsters out both with 1 core on them so in all 6 cores

    I summon a monster with a cost of 4 but it has 2 reduction because of the monsters on the field so the cost is 2

    Those 2 cores move to the trash and the 1 core to new monster so i have 3 cores on monsters, 1 in reserve and lastly 2 in the trash

    i end my turn the opponent attacks so i go from 5 to 4 Lifes with the life taken now going to the reserve becoming another core i can use for other cards

    He ends his turn i get an extra core because it's my turn again and the cores used last turn go from the trash to the reserve so i can use them again

    So it's basically like Magic's mana but monsters need at least 1 core to stay on the field as well and it's also your life
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    haha working is fun at least for me it's not hard as i can work at home without any problems

    I see oh yeah what did you find hard to understand about the core system?
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    I'm good just relaxing atm

    How about you?
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