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    nvm my last rep. I've lost either ways.

    BTW, are you up for a Cyk game with me, yourself?
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    Good lad.
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    My modship was a prank
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    That's the point of the rant. To highlight terrible shit that infuriates me and sometimes others.

    Some writers have tried to reverse the stance, and even during OMD/BND some were talking about the canon didn't line up. But I believe Marvel said it still stands.

    Dr. Light originally started off as a powerful and menacing supervillain and was eventually busted down to a near joke villain for the Titans. It turns out it was because Zatanna mind raped him at the JL's insistence (and you can see WHY this series is so controversial), and he has begun to recover his memories. As for what happened with Dibney? Pretty much that. He invaded the JLA Station with the intent on attacking them, then just saw Sue alone up there and decided to go at it. After that, and until the next linewide reset, he was portrayed as someone looking to rape a woman. So the concept is he was always an out of control rapist and the only reason we didn't see him do it for years was because of Zatanna's mind rape of him, which in itself has unfortunate implications.
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    Yep. They "sentenced all criminals to Earth." But is it that simple?
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    Maximum Security.

    You're thinking of the Ruul. Big shining moment for the US Agent. I sorta miss that costume.
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    I like his design lol, his background too. Im kind of a layman when it comes to comics, my older brother used to collect Marvel's in the 90's and early 00's and I read through what he had, but most what I know I researched lol

    The original CM is this guy right?

    why they never tried to ressurrect him? dont they do it all the time?

    So she does the badass hero line I can see why rax has a problem with her

    What you expecting of her movie? I just saw that judge law will be doing Mar-vell


    Most people are "laymen" to comics. Comics are a hard thing to follow in anything resembling an entirety, so don't feel bad or stupid or something. Most people who claim to know more about comics by double what they actually know or understand. I'd recommend just enjoying comics at your own pace. It's not a race anybody can win.

    That would be Marvel's original Captain Marvel. Though not in his original costume.

    Marvel has at times tried and hinted at resurrections. One of the more recent ones was Khn'nr who was a Skrull permanently shifted into Mar-Vell, but took on so many of his traits he basically became another one. He was truly resurrected but sacrificed himself again, since his big storyline is about sacrifice. But he's never been brought back for a long time.

    Yeah, Carol is definitely a harder-line hero. The problem is some writers don't really understand how to balance her more soft/human side with her tough/hero side and so she comes off imbalanced or "bitchy" since Carol only respects the chain of command over her and is more than happy to voice and flex autonomy if she believes it works best for her situation. She tries to take responsibility for when this happens, but some writers don't handle it well and it causes certain subsects of comic fandom to perceive that in a much more negative light with their own interpretations. Otherwise she's more a pitbull of a character. "Bad guy inc. Won't respond to hails. Looks hostile. Punch first and ask questions later!" She is unafraid to get down and dirty with a slugfest if it calls for it, but in more recent years has been opting for a more leadership/diplomatic approach.

    I expect it'll have some nostalgic humor throwbacks befitting the 90's era, replete with music and sitcom comments appropriate for the time period. I expect big punches, big explosions, and big exposition since the Kree and Skrulls are nothing if not hammy.
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    What would you find interesting about a character you don't know much about?

    I enjoy Captain Marvel. Granted I've enjoyed reading Carol Danvers from my first introduction all the way back in the 90's when she was going through an alcoholism storyline and was about to engage in two huge Avengers storylines as a front and center character. Always a somewhat complex character, she represents an odd form of aggression in superheroes borne from her innate competitive nature and hardened military background I've always enjoyed. She doesn't shy away from fights, is prone to starting those fights, and craves finishing those fights. While she is generally level headed, she will indulge in the fury of a fight to reach a desirable outcome while still balancing heroic traits. Where some distaff counterparts have opted for a little 'tude and more subservience to their male counterparts, Carol has been free from that for some time and has spent time as part of major teams all over the Marvel universe in ways other characters don't understand. It's actually why I was a bit disappointed she wasn't on the Avengers Unity Squad since she's had a unique position as both a longtime serving Avenger AND as a longtime serving X-Men member. Though her focus is currently on space which is partly where she works best, since her story lines mostly seem to deal with the cosmicscape much like her earliest predecessor. As the original partner to Captain Marvel, she also has a long established insight to heroics, SHIELD, the military, and background to other characters including huge stints that very much affected other characters and their perceptions to today (ie: Rogue).

    For Captain Marvel I (As Carol is Captain Marvel VII), he was sort of a big name and the antithesis to Thanos. One of the individuals in the line of Protector of the Universe, Captain Marvel served as a "cosmic gateway" for Marvel alongside Thor until his death which has mostly held out till this day. Notably he has been one of the few corporeal individuals who could master cosmic awareness to a high degree without being driven insane (much like another Captain Marvel aka his son, Genis-Vell the true name thief). He's important, but his "significance" has grown more over the years as the hero to aspire to and because nobody has had a chance to fuck him up further. I imagine that's what you knew most about him, and that's pretty much the long and short of it.

    As for Mar-vell (or Mar-vhel if it's the Ultimate one), he'll be a Kree Captain probably warning Carol about Yon-Rogg and the clash between Kree and Skrull. I get the feeling the Kree will be seen as a somewhat more heroic or at least less villainous race against the "savage" skrull empire, which is where I assume Carol is in present day. That or fighting the Brood since every 19 stories seem to involve the Brood somehow. Or MODOK.
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    What's the last thing you remember happening in that comic?
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