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    no worries. it's honestly kinda controversial i guess. people can't seem to come to an agreement on their stats here, and it's been a while since there's been productive discussion on fairy tail stats.

    but as far as i'd say

    god tiers: acno, 7f natsu - small country+
    top tiers: zeref, august, eileen - island level
    close to top tiers: e.n.d., gray, rahkeid - small island
    high tiers: mountain+ (?)

    god tier scaling comes from etherion. top tier scaling comes from a calc y did on acno's tenrou island roar. close to top tier scaling comes from natsu vaping lake scilliora. high tiers comes from natsu's fdk roar.

    the brandish feat isn't something that can be scaled to other characters.
  2. Spriggan scaling to the dragons speed wouldn't be correct though, since we saw God Serena getting blitzed by Acno.
    Unless you mean it in the way that Spriggan > Parent Dragons?
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    i'm sure they could replicate that speed, but we can't really say it can scale to anyone beyond a shadow of a doubt because nobody ever reacted to it, unfortunately

    could make a case for the spriggan's scaling to the dragons speed at this point anyways, which has better results
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    the calc'd speed was gotten from the distance erza traveled compared to the distance the meteor traveled, i.e. the speed erza needed to reach to the meteor; not attacking it

    the speed isn't out of the ordinary or inconsistent with her character or her previous showings; it's supported by her avoiding human eileen's magic based attacks

    and evidently the speed wasn't outrageous narratively speaking, either. since onlookers weren't surprised by it.
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    "I also think Acno should scale to Etherion normally, but admittedly he doesn't have any notable feats without RoT. "
    Yes and that is the big problem.From the logical point of view, however, it should be clear
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    I think "normal" Acno should scale to etherion

    1.He is the Nr.1 God-Tier

    2.Zeref said"No one and nothing can stop him".And that was before he absorb RoT

    3.It was claimed that Dragons can destroy whole countries

    4.He stomped any other dragon.

    5.It was claimed that FH can spam Etherion and August said only Zeref with FH can match Acno(which has then been refuted)

    It makes 100% sense IMO.But FH Zeref is topkek.

    Igneel should scale as well
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    wtf is this?White Zeref is not even close equal to Acno
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    Next Verse will be...?NNT?Dragon Ball?FT(yeah lol)?

    I still remember Relativistic Bleachverse

    Or the next Upgrade will be OP again with Continentlevel Clowns like Jinbei
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    This Acnoprofile...

    Lose vs Aokiji and Inconclusive vs Law

    And Natsu have 7 Losses and 1 win

    Toneri is now Relativistic in attack speed
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    Look at this The FT hate on VSBW is over 9000
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