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    The Birdcage issue is definitely odd to say the least. It could possibly scale to Doffy's awakened attacks which Luffy tanked and destroyed. But at the same time it could be argued that Luffy isn't able to destroy the Birdcage which is made clear that he can't, or well it's implied I suppose. It really depends on the person you ask, so I think a "Likely High 6-C ( Or whatever the tier is now ) via scaling to his Birdcage.

    Also, could you go ahead and try to get the Kuzan calc reviewed? I'm also thinking that someone should calc Van Augars bullet.

    I also have issues with Mach 500 Doffy, doesn't even the OBD accepted the meteorite as Mach 3000+?
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    Won't fly unless you have panels of Jackal midstep before and after to prove he was in the process of walking, with reference points to show he hadn't taken more than one step. He could've just been standing around confused for all we know.

    Anyway, mind helping me out with this dragon cry shit. Rax is getting annoying lol, I'd do it myself but I do all of this off my phone.

    Basically the same method for finding area as done here.

    But apply it to this.

    I'll look through the movie later for a decent scene of the drgon cry in effect, I just dont have access to pixel measuring on my phone else this shit would be done and dusted months ago
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    By the way, got a favor to ask. Can you calc the Whitebeard feat over at Vs Battles or have someone calc it again? The current calc they're using is extremely outdated so I think it's invalid.
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    yeah, my bad for the confusion. in my experience his 'devils eye' and his heart are generally seen as one in the same since his heart being destroyed took away all of his abilities.

    but yeah, feel everything would scale as you said.

    franmalth wouldn't discredit hades' strength, no.

    also, gildarts had the upper-hand on bluenote, and ultimately ended up one-shotting him when he regained his magic. that said, it's not like my word is law or anything; it's just my take on everything. could totally argue otherwise if you feel you have points that'd contradict what my stance.
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    also, gildarts was the strongest in fairy tail by far at that point. wouldn't be surprising if gildarts was stronger than base hades during that arc if laxus was able to keep up with him.
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    hades boosted by his heart could probably scale, but he definitely wouldn't in base.

    laxus was already fairly close to hades back at tenrou. laxus, jura, and jellal were just on an entirely different level during the gmg. also, had it not been for his artificial boost he would've lost to natsu's lfd roar.
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    Sup? :^)
    Just a small favor

    Over at Vs Battles make sure One Piece stays unwanked until we get more feats. And what do you think about the current FT stuff there? Multi-Continent is some Rax wank wouldn't you say?
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    RIP Countrylevel OP on VSBW

    At least the OP profiles are fine
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    Acno scales well beyond the Dragon Cry
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    I just copied image and posted it.

    Zeref said he couldn't beat him even as an Immortal. Nothing he had or knew of could beat Acno.
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