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  1. Meh, I won't go into it. I'm not caught up to OP yet, so I want to avoid spoilers. Skimmed through your messages trying to avoid spoilers, but got the overall point.
    Well, I'll make up my opinion when I get to the stuff. Am currently finishing Punk Hazard.
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    Large Island comes from the Doffy bird cage feat, Luffy was able to fight Doffy and Fujitora in base. And in Gear Fourth Luffy was able to slap Doffy around with zero issue. And Jinbe should be comparable if not stronger than Luffy.

    Lmao broo the OBD has small continent level Whitebeard. Now that's some wank.
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    The OP scaling there is better than the OP scaling at the OBD tbh

    The speed is off tho, those meteorites that Fuji dropped are supposed to be mach 2-3K not mach 940+
    AP wise I think it's arcuate.

    The Saint Seiya profiles are pretty wanked tho.
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    Haha lmao it's Knight.

    Ehh idk, I think the profiles are arcuate. Many calcs have different outcomes depending on how it's done. Also the fact that the users there are actually intelligent enough to know Acnologia isn't Moon Level.
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    Well at least now you know the story of the infamous Rax wank.
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    Hey Mate, just a quick question. Would you happen to be a member on Vs Battle wiki? I just ask since there's a user that has the same name as you and he / she acts similar to you.
  7. Ah yes, SDS. I didn't read the manga, but I enjoy it quite a bit. Waiting for the anime to return.
    Also, even though I quite enjoy OP, I have to say, I didn't caught up yet. I'm like, on Punk Hazard currently.
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    Yep one of the very first animes I watched, FT is a fine manga in its own way having very impactful moments like that of OP. I also like a handful of slice of life anime like Usagi Drop and magical animes like The Seven Deadly Sins.
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    That's good to hear, so what are your favourite manga's?
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    Hey there mate, it's good to see another fresh face , so do you wanna talk sometime?
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