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    Nah i don't have a tablet i rather draw and scan, a good tablet costs too much money lol. and i got the creative cs5 adobe package so i have cs5 ps,illustrator, dreamworks, flash and some other stuff.
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    Thors was pretty cool and badass. He died so soon, although it was a great death. Reminded me of Whitebeard.

    By the way, what's your favorite genre?
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    well photoshop is different because it has tools only meant for editing and sometimes colouring images, meanwhile illustrator is just centred around drawing different shapes, texts etc. photoshop can sort of do that but it'll end up looking like crap because the file types it'll be finished under are meant for photos and not illustrations and that's why stuff like that should be made under illustrator and not photoshop
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    Eh nothing much. Started Vinland Saga and on chapter 19. Good stuff. You?
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    Well I'v never used PS to draw any of my artwork mainly because it's just used to edit images like sigs and avatars and it's not made to draw vector type stuff. Illustrator is mainly what I use to draw because that's what it's made for and i recently just started to get used to it, but I still need more practice though lol I'm hoping by the end of the summer I cant do a full outright portrait of a landscape
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    Yeah, like I said I think it's very very unlikely for Decken to give Sanji one of those (impossible, actually, I'd go as far as to say). But maybe something in-between that and Absalom isn't too implausible. Between Decken being the only fishman with a DF and him dodging a non-Jet attack from Luffy on short notice, I'd say it's at least possible.
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    I guess that depends on what you feel a proper fight is. Sanji vs. Absalom was barely one to me, but it still worked because it's nice seeing Sanji kick ass. I still see VdD possibly being strong enough to provide what can at least be called a fight though. Sanji DID say "He must be outrageously strong by now" about Luffy so maybe it's a mistake to assume that someone can't be an opponent for Sanji only because Luffy Jet Hammers them into the ground easily.
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    Well, it doesn't seem that inappropriate to me. Sanji fights a guy a lot weaker than ES-upped Hodi and Hyouzou but beats him more easily. As I said there could possibly be handicaps / complications for Sanji in the form of VdD having a target nearby. VdD IS the only fishman with a DF after all, it feels to me as if him facing a M3 member would be appropriate. Or you could solve all this by giving him ES, but somehow I feel that that would detract from the hype of Hodi going crazy with them.
  9. Oh I see, count me in.
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    I don't see him giving him a say Jyabura or Bon type fight either, definitely not, but he did manage to take a Jet Hammer and get up seconds later and he dodged Luffy's first attack which was fairly impressive to me. If Oda wanted to portray him as total fodder I don't know that he would've had him evading Luffy's initial strike, know what I mean? With Sanji being a bit weaker than Luffy it could still be at a point where it's at least called a fight as I see it, but like I said he'll still get downed pretty easily. But it wouldn't be the first time (Absalom).
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